Although it’s March Break, Havergal was sure to celebrate Pi Day (March 14) early!

On Friday, March 10, our Junior School community dressed up in patterns to get them in the mathematical spirit. The afternoon began with an assembly where students learned about pi and had a contest to see how many digits they could recite (some students went over 100!). After the assembly, they went back to their classrooms for fun math-inspired activities, from creating mandalas to discovering patterns in music and doing an escape room challenge. It was a fun way to kick-off March Break and an excellent way to foster a love of math in our young students.

Upper School students held Pi Battles in honour of Pi Day in the weeks leading up to March Break. Six teams competed in a math relay in the Ellen Knox Library. The winning team took home all of the glory and won front of the line lunch passes and a pie.

Happy Pi Day to all! To learn more about pi, take a look at the video below.