GirlsSchoolAdvantage4Join us and other prospective families for an informative session to learn about the unique environment of all-girls schools at an event hosted by National Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

Hear about the benefits during a student panel (in which two Havergal student will speak) and learn more about the girls’ schools in your area.

  • Saturday, April 29, 2017, 1 to 3 pm, Upper Canada College (200 Lonsdale Road, Toronto, ON M4V 1W6)
  • Visit to register (by April 28).
  • Welcome and Remarks by Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown, Colby College
  • Q & A with Student Panel
  • School Fair
  • See the flyer for more information

Why is an All-Girls School Right for My Daughter? 

(from the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools website

In a single-sex school, a girl can comprehend her value and her capabilities in ways that have nothing to do with how she looks or whom she dates. She can be free to experiment and explore, trying out new things and trying on new roles. She can follow her ambitions without wasting a second thought or a backward glance on how her male counterparts might perceive her.

By subtracting boys an all-girls’ education adds opportunities. At a girls’ school, a girl occupies every role: every part in the play, every seat on the student government, every position on every team. Not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development; she has a wealth of peer role models.