On the afternoon of May 17, the Havergal community gathered on the Ratcliffe Field for House Shout 2016, which is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. At this annual event, each of the 10 Houses choreograph lively and fun cheers that they perform for the entire school and a panel of judges. Afterward, the students and judges vote for their favourite cheer and enjoy some popsicles. The House Prefects announce the winning House on the last Upper School Prayers of the school year (this year, the date is Thursday, June 2).

The tradition of House Shout first began in 1966 in response to the student need for a collaborative House project. Each House is allotted two minutes to deliver their cheer. It has become a favourite tradition for many of our students and Old Girls.


This year, Havergal used Facebook Live to broadcast the event:


Here is the YouTube playlist for each House: