At Havergal, we love our community-building events, which is why we host various mother/father-daughter events throughout the year.

The first was the annual Middle School Mother-Daughter Games, which was hosted on September 13 by our Middle School and Sports Prefects. Students in Grades 7 and 8 and their mothers (or other significant female adults) participated in three activities before enjoying a lovely dinner prepared our Food Services team. The activities included dodgeball, soccer-baseball and a scavenger hunt.

Our Grade 12 students and their mothers (or significant female adults) were honoured on Friday, September 14 at a special luncheon hosted by our Advancement & Community Relations team. Attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch of lemon chicken, mashed sweet potato and beet salad, followed by a toast to the daughters and a speech to the mothers. This year is the last as Havergal students in Grade 12, which means that it is a special year. This event is the first of many lasts for our Grads and a wonderful way to honour their time at the school.