On Friday, October 19, a small group of students began their Blockchain Learning experience at Havergal. Alongside students from Holy Trinity School, Bishop Strachan School, Upper Canada College and Royal St. George’s College, they explored ways that Blockchain can help support one of UNESCO’s sustainable development goals.

In order for our students to be prepared to make a difference, it is important they be put in front of authentic challenges and possible disruptors to the future in meaningful ways. It is important for them to have the capacity to know what the future skills might be. Blockchain technology is one such disrupter, and the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals are authentic real world challenges. Blockchain is a technology and language that is making a significant impact in every conceivable industry. It is redefining the world of business, banking and much more.

Our students are engaged in rigorous and meaningful conversations in context with current events that are relevant to their curricular studies and their personal interests.

Later this year, the students participating in these Blockchain groups will continue their journeys at Bishop Strachan School for the technical training of coding, through Ethereum, to create their own blockchain. Their journeys will culminate in a three-day hack-a-thon at Holy Trinity School.