In May 2017, students in Dr. Davidson’s Grade 9 Art classes came together in the Ellen Knox Library to celebrate the quilts they created and meet with Rona Kleiman, Project Linus Project Coordinator, Toronto Chapter.

The Linus Project is an organization that gives blankets to children going through a crisis in their lives. “From young children who have lost a parent or sibling, to a youth who has watched his home burn down, to teens diagnosed with cancer or recovering from other debilitating diseases,” indicates the organization’s website.

Havergal’s Grade 9 Art students were introduced to the Linus Project by Grade 12 student Danielle Colussi who, with her aunt, have been donating blankets to this organization for some time. Danielle joined us for our celebration today and even brought five more blankets that she created to donate.

Ms. Kleiman was very impressed with the beautifully designed and carefully crafted quilts the students had sewn by hand. She looks forward to receiving them in October 2017, after they have been exhibited in our school community. “Ms. Kleiman has been collecting and distributing blankets for 20 years and she told us that these are some of the most beautiful handmade quilts she has received,” Dr. Davidson says. “We are very pleased to begin this new partnership with the Linus Project and look forward to providing lovely, comforting quilts to young people in distress.”

Thanks to all the Grade 9 girls for their hard work and the care they took to design and sew these quilts by hand. The class would like to extend a a big thank you to Danielle Colussi for introducing us to Rona Kleiman and the Linus Project!