lori-and-adam-20160_newsHavergal is proud to announce that Mr. Adam Pounder and Ms. Lori Buchanan, Upper School History teachers, are the recipients of the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching. The prestigious award celebrates teachers across Canada who represent leadership and innovation in educating young people about Canada’s past.

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will present the awards at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Monday, November 28. This special event will mark the 20th year of celebrating the excellence of Canada’s top history makers.

Mr. Pounder and Ms. Buchanan are being recognized for their joint Grade 10 History Book Project in which students connect the history of their families to critical moments in the history of Canada. They compare stories their relatives tell with the official narrative, thus learning to appreciate multiple perspectives on the past.

“Learning should be lasting, and it lasts when students care about what they are learning,” says Ms. Buchanan, a Havergal College graduate from the class of 1994. “Rather than (mentally) collecting and discarding various names, dates and details of Canadian history, we want students of all backgrounds and interests to find themselves deeply engaged by, and curious about, larger issues and questions about our past.”

Mr. Pounder adds: “History, like so much else, is a human construction. As Samuel D. Marble wrote, ‘we choose our own history, or more accurately, we select those vistas of history for our examinations which promise us the greatest satisfaction.’”

“This is incredible news and a well-deserved recognition for two outstanding history educators,” says Havergal’s Head of Social Sciences Lindsay Norberg. “It is amazing to see Mr. Pounder and Ms. Buchanan recognized by the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Their work not only leads our students to develop a sophisticated understanding and deep appreciation of Canada’s past, but also encourages our girls to identify connections between the events of the past and their own personal stories.”

Visit http://canadashistory.ca/Awards/Teaching/Articles/2016/Adam-Pounder-and-Lori-Buchanan for more on this wonderful achievement.

About the Governor General’s History Awards
The Governor General’s History Awards, first established in 1996, recognize excellence in teaching Canadian history. Since its inception, Canada’s History has expanded the awards to recognize the many different ways history is taught, communicated and celebrated by Canadians.

“The individuals and institutions receiving the Governor General’s History Award recognize that examining our history helps us understand how we became the people and nation we are today,” says Janet Walker, President and CEO of Canada’s History, the organization that administers the awards. “Through their efforts, we can learn from mistakes of the past, be inspired by yesterday’s leaders, and recognize precedents to contemporary problems. In short, the history they bring alive helps us see ourselves in a broader context.”