students with French teachersBy Mme. Sandra Nelson, Languages Department Head

My heartfelt congratulations to senior French students Cass and Emily on their phenomenal stage success of Les Zinspiré.e.s at Le Théâtre français de Toronto (on stage in November and December 2019). Mme Boncore and I, along with the entire Languages Department, could not be prouder of their incredible writing for the French theatre! Their plays were met with rapt attention and gasps of emotion from the audience; the professional performances lent insight and imagination to the roles; and each of Emily’s and Cass’s creative, individual voices came through with great clarity and poignancy. Bravo, les filles!

“Working with the Toronto French Theatre (TfT) has been such a rewarding and exciting experience. I’m so grateful to all the wonderful people at TfT who I’ve had the pleasure to work with and all the hard work they put in to this production.”
– Cass

“Getting to write a piece and having the opportunity to work with all of the incredibly talented actors, writing coaches and producers of Les Zinspiré.e.s with the French Theatre of Toronto was amazing. The experience let me explore French culture and language in such a unique way!”
– Emily