Spiritual Life

Moments of quiet reflection offer infinite value. While our Anglican affiliation provides the foundation for our spiritual life as a school, ours is a multi-faith community. We foster respect for, and understanding of, the religious traditions and teachings of other faiths and celebrate this rich diversity. Opportunities to contemplate one’s spiritual life are available through multi-faith celebrations, religious education classes, academic and intellectual pursuits, and regular spiritual reflections known as Prayers.

As Havergal’s oldest tradition, Prayers continues to be an important part of the lives of the Upper and Junior Schools. The tradition of Prayers began when the school first opened in 1894-it was a daily meeting of the whole school community in the Assembly Hall. Today, Prayers continues to be a thoughtful, reflective time, which is an important part of our students’ educational experiences as it supports and builds an understanding of the shared values of the school as well as an individual and collective sense of spirituality.

Many of our enduring traditions are celebrated at spiritual events, including Founders’ Day, Candlelight Service, Christmas Carol Services and the Sunday Service on the Old Girls Reunion Weekend.