House System

A vital and magical element of the Havergal experience is House. Started in 1932, the House System forms the basis for organization in the school and encourages cooperation and school spirit among students, faculty and staff – everyone belongs to and demonstrates loyalty for their House. The purpose is to create smaller units within which girls can develop qualities of initiative and leadership, as well as get to know students who are both older and younger than themselves. The attachment to a House remains strong long after graduation.

Currently there are 10 Houses, named after women who have made outstanding contributions to the life of the school. Some have been Principals of the school, some have been much loved staff members and others have influenced the growth of the school. Each House has its own colours, motto, characteristics, mascot, prayers and hymn.

Frances Ridley (Havergal)

Havergal College is named after this outstanding early Victorian era woman (role model, composer, poet, author and humanitarian).

Founded: 1929

Mascot: Penguin

Colours: Black & White

Characteristic: Honesty


Ellen Knox

Havergal’s First Principal for the first 30 years (1894 to 1924); Miss Knox laid the foundation for the school’s traditions and character.

Founded: 1929

Mascot: Frog

Colours: Green & White

Characteristic: Friendship


Marian Wood

A member of the Havergal faculty for 39 years; Havergal’s Second Principal (1924 to 1937).

Founded: 1929

Mascot: Bumblebee

Colours: Yellow & Black

Characteristic: Love


Kate Leonard

The Leonard Foundation bequeathed a significant gift of $40,000 and mining stocks worth more than $100,000 that allowed the school to remain viable during the Great Depression.

Founded: 1936

Mascot: Elephant

Colours: Light Blue & White

Characteristic: Faith


Margaret Taylor

Named in memory of the wife of Reverend Dr. William Taylor, Chairman of the Board of Governors (1926 to 1951).

Founded: 1939

Mascot: Butterfly

Colours: Dark Blue & Orange

Characteristic: Kindness


Edith Nainby

An admired teacher at Havergal for 41 years (1896 to 1937).

Founded: 1942

Mascot: Lion

Colours: Red & White

Characteristic: Loyalty


Agnes Hansen

A beloved Senior House Mother in the Boarding School and school nurse for 40 years (1930 to 1970).

Founded: 1979

Mascot: Panther

Colours: Pink & White

Characteristic: Courage


Catherine Steele

An Old Girl (Class of 1928), faculty member (1934 to 1939) and Havergal’s Fourth Principal (1952 to 1972).

Founded: 1979

Mascot: Unicorn

Colours: Purple & Gray

Characteristic: Peace


Mary Dennys

An Old Girl (Class of 1940), teacher and Havergal’s Sixth Principal (1975 to 1985).

Founded: 1996

Mascot: Dragon

Colours: Gold & Teal

Characteristic: Hope


Marcelle De Freitas

A beloved teacher for 40 years (1944 to 1984).

Founded: 1996

Mascot: Dolphin

Colours: Silver & Royal Blue

Characteristic: Joy