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What gives girls real confidence? Is it the things they say, or the things people say about them? Is it their appearance, or their efforts? Too often, girls are judged based only by what’s on the outside. Over time, they might become less likely to share what’s on the inside. That’s what this initiative is all about: inspiring and celebrating the things that give girls real confidence, no matter where they come from. #RealGirlThings.


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#RealGirlThings Flat Lay

We asked each student to bring in one item that gives them confidence to create one giant flat lay. The items they chose were as unique and interesting as they are. Confidence isn’t about only sharing the things that matter to others: it’s about sharing what matters to you as an individual.
Flat Lay
See the stories behind the flat lay


Real Confidence

A story about girls, created by girls. This animated video was made using hundreds of drawings from Havergal students of all ages. It raises the question: what are the factors that shape the role confidence plays in girls’ lives? Watch and share the video below.


Print Campaign

Our latest ad campaign asks the question: “Where does real confidence come from?” Share your answer using #RealGirlThings.
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