I Love Havergal

There are many reasons to love Havergal College! Students from all grades have shared their favourites with us.


Junior School

“I like Havergal because we get to do fun sculptures in Art. I’m making a snowy owl!” – Mae in Grade 2

“I like Havergal celebrations because they are so fantastic and fun!” – Sienna in Grade 2

“I like Havergal because teachers make learning very fun like math and reading.” – Angelina in Grade 2

“I like Havergal because I like after school programs such as Choir and Ballet. I really enjoy singing and dancing!” – Kasia in Grade 2

“Everyone is warm and welcoming.” – Grade 3 student

“We have the best teachers!” – Grade 3 student

“Not only do the teachers teach me, but they make it fun!” – Grade 3 student

“We love Havergal because everyone accepts each other.” – Grade 5 students

“We love Havergal because there are tons of sports.” – Grade 5 students

“We love Havergal because it feels like a family.” – Grade 5 students


Upper School

“I love the Havergal spirit and everyday events that we do that separate us from other private schools!” – Grade 11 student

“I love that Havergal College has an abundance of opportunities for everyone including courses, sports, clubs, etc. I also love how my teachers are open to giving extra help when it’s needed.” – Grade 11 student

“I love the opportunities that Havergal offers. You’re able to try so many new things and you receive support from friends, faculty, and staff.” – Grade 11 student

“I love that everyone is free to be themselves.” – Grade 11 student

“My favourite part of Havergal are my friends and the people here because everyone is really nice and friendly.” – Grade 9 student

“At Havergal, I like the Arts program. The teachers are so knowledgeable about art history and techniques. The teachers are what really makes Havergal a great place to be, and create an equalized balance between exceeding in athletics and academics.” – Grade 9 student

“My favourite part of being a Grade 9 student at Havergal is the cafeteria and its diverse menu selections. When I am empty and need sustenance, it provides me with nutritional and delicious food.” – Grade 9 student

“My favourite thing about Havergal is the sense of community.” – Grade 9 student

“I like how easy the teachers are to approach for extra help and how supportive all the girls at the school are.” – Grade 9 student

“I love the fact that once I leave the grounds of Havergal and move on in my life, I will be an Old Girl and I will always have ties to my friends and teachers.” – Grade 10 student

“I really love the Boarding School!” – Grade 10 student

“The people here are really accepting and we don’t judge. There’s a lot of diversity in the school.” – Grade 10 student

“I love the energy and joy of learning in everyone. The staff and students share a mutual desire and willingness to learn and discover new things.” – Grade 10 student

“Havergal College maintains its traditions while introducing new and innovative ideas.” – Grade 10 student

“I love the incredible facilities that we have access to.” – Grade 10 student