Upper School students in Tanzania with local friends

Global Learning & Leading Diploma

The Global Learning and Leading Diploma (GLLD) is a future-ready diploma providing a distinguishing program for students engaged in the work of social innovation, social justice and global impact. This diploma is designed to further differentiate students to outside institutions (post-secondary, employment, etc.) by recognizing their work in domains outside of traditional programming.

Understanding that the world is diverse and culturally connected, the focus of this Diploma is on increasing global knowledge, skills and mindsets to appreciate, engage and thrive in this world. Understanding that learning is a life-long endeavor, participants will learn and implement meta-cognitive skills (such as self and supported reflection), research strategies and inquiry skills to cultivate their learning capabilities. Understanding that there is a leader in all of us, participants will develop an understanding of leadership, the skills required and nuanced approaches for being a leader for impact.

The GLLD is also aligned with and builds capacity for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to be at the forefront of the students’ learning experience.

This is an opt-in program for students in Grades 10, 11 and 12. Students must apply and be selected into the GLLD. The determination of the viability is made by the Vice Principal, Strategic Innovation & Design and other stakeholders within the Havergal community. Depending on the year of entry into the GLLD, students will work within the programming of Havergal (including co-curricular and academics) with the support and guidance of a faculty mentor. They will meet regularly throughout the year to challenge and support participants in the following GLLD requirements:

  • Four Learning Modules exploring global competency; social innovation; diversity, equity and inclusion; and leadership of self and others.
  • Excursion Component: This can be local, regional or international. It can be, but is not required to be, a Havergal-hosted excursion, but must be approved to be included.
  • Research Project: Students will be challenged to extend their learning in a trans-disciplinary, self-directed and self-created Research Project.
  • Curation of their work, reflections and learnings in a Digital Portfolio.

The GLLD engages and supports students in the development of important skills and mindsets that prepare students to embrace the future; it is a concrete artifact of student work that can be recognized and celebrated beyond Havergal.