Students Act Now

What Kind of World Do I Want? From Ideas to Action

When we think about the world we want… how do our ideas become action? In the Forum for Change we use the best of Design Thinking to support our students in making a responsible impact in the world based on their ideas.

At Havergal, we approach making a difference as enabling people to enjoy self-determined lives of quality and meaning. In that context, making a difference begins when we have an idea about the world we want to live in and we feel effective working with others to take steps toward making the idea happen.

  • How can we get started to make a difference?
  • How do we share our ideas?
  • How do we act on them?


I Have an Idea… Now What?

We are here to help you get started. The best way to begin is to come into the Forum for Change and have a conversation about your idea with Ms. Russell, Ms. Miller or Mr. Naik. We are always inspired by your ideas and we want to support them. From there, we will guide you through the process of building your own action plan and connect you to the people and resources that you need. You decide what success means to you and we work with you, wherever you are at, to help move you forward to accomplishing your goals. Come with your thoughts, your interests and your dreams.

Our goal is to help students use your voices in a strong, clear and compelling way to articulate and act on your vision for a better world. Our objective is to support student ideas by:

  1. Sharing knowledge and understanding
  2. Encouraging students to test their assumptions through conversations with real people.
  3. Offering workshop opportunities
  4. Creating opportunities to experience effective team building and advocacy
  5. Offering seed funding for student projects/ideas via small grants
  6. Offering tools/experiences that generate creativity, innovation, problem-solving abilities and comfort with ambiguity
  7. Encouraging students to think about how their ideas can support shared humanity and moral courage


How Does Students Act Now Work?

  • Start with your idea… or go to Student Stories and check out the ideas there
  • Come to the Forum for Change and share your idea with us
  • Think it through: What do you want to achieve? Why? What difference will it make?
  • We will help you define your own vision of success; connect you; help you build a team and make your idea possible