Forum for Change in the Junior School

The Story of the Forum for Change at Havergal’s Junior School

At Havergal, a student with an emotional response to the events in her community, with an idea about supporting people who are leading difficult lives, or who simply wonders about her world, knows where to go: she goes to her teacher. Her teacher talks with her, and then brings her to the people who are charged with coaching her emotion, her idea and her wonder into shape, into an action that enables her to have impact. Because when a girl feels her impact, she feels that the world is a place where she belongs.

At the Junior School, the Forum for Change at Havergal contributes to reinforcing Havergal’s values of Integrity, Inquiry, Compassion, and Courage by enabling faculty, staff and students to enable students to experience themselves as young women making a difference in the world. Girls learn that they don’t have to wait to be older to feel their impact – they can step up to their place in the world now. They learn that they have voices that will be heard, and that their contributions are valued. This is extraordinary and highly empowering.

Students can join the Forum for Change for a weekly club meeting after school either at the Primary or Junior level or drop-in Wednesday mornings for an open session. This is where students meet to listen to each other share their ideas and foster the journey towards action through inquiry, research and collaboration.


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