Social Innovation Award

What is Innovation?

Innovation is defined as creativity with purpose (Innovative Intelligence, Weiss and LeGrand, 2011). To think innovatively is to be open and curious, to embrace new ideas, to apply insight, to persist because you know there is a better idea out there and you just need to figure it out. It is to think with flexibility and novelty in the every day.

The purpose of the Social Innovation Award (formerly the Student Innovation Award) is to honour student(s) whose innovative thinking has had an impact on a problem, and on the people around them. The application can be to a social problem, a business problem, or any other problem for which a novel solution can be found.


Award Criteria & Process

  1. The award is open to all students, in any grade, working individually or in teams.
  2. Students may be nominated by any person in the Havergal community or may nominate themselves.
  3. The selection committee will review the proposal for its impact on the Havergal community and beyond.


Award Recipients

2019 Antonia Knoth

From a student nominee: “Antonia demonstrates on a daily basis how innovative she is in entrepreneurship and technology. She’s constantly working on something tirelessly and she excels at the things she does. She inspires me to work hard to achieve my passions. I know she has been in the Blockchain Learning Group and she genuinely works hard to achieve the change she’s looking for with that technology. From what I can tell, she works very well with teams of people outside of school in regards to her entrepreneurship. Her spirit about school and her projects is truly invigorating and inspiring.”