Global Experience Program

Developing Global Knowledge & Skills

The Global Experience Program is designed to engage students with different people, places and ideas. In this way, students are put into the position to develop key mindsets and skills with which to better understand themselves and the role they can play now and in the future. The three platforms of experiential learning are:

Through each of these facets of the Global Experience Program, we challenge students to engage and to have impact with people, in partnership, with respect for perspective. Many of the programs are centred on community partnerships and are connected to our Old Girls, demonstrating to students their world-wide connections and the wide range of endeavours available to a Havergal Old Girl.

Through local, national and international experiences, students are encouraged to develop the belief in their own abilities and in their capabilities to learn, acquire new skills and adapt to new situations.

The programs seek to:

  1. Engage students with the perspectives and lives of others;
  2. Enable students to engage in real-world problem solving; and
  3. Build direct and mutual partnerships to address a shared purpose.

Students are encouraged to inhabit the spaces of others: to be curious as they experience where they live, learn and play. A full immersion in the lives of others serves to develop a student’s sense of self-efficacy while developing the qualities to be effective in developing relationships with anyone, anywhere and at any time.