About Boarding

Small and supportive, the Boarding School offers some unique advantages to its residents. Residence Dons are dynamic young women with teaching and coaching responsibilities. Dons live in the Boarding School with the girls and are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Dons act as liaisons between parents and teachers, guidance counsellors and Wellness Centre staff to ensure that each girl receives the care and support she needs to thrive at Havergal.

Each Boarder is a member of a family group headed by a Don and two Junior Dons (senior students). These "families"¬Ě create a home-like atmosphere for Boarders-¬Ěresidence will feel like your home-away-from-home. Dons are in daily contact with the boarders and acts as an advisor, mentor, role model and leader. They help them with homework, lend an ear and supervise weekend activities to ensure the girls enjoy the boarding experience. To help Boarders feel comfortable and secure, we provide around-the-clock security, on-site professional healthcare, excellent food services and a warm supportive family atmosphere.

At Havergal, you will develop your independence, self-reliance, confidence and leadership skills while being supported in a family setting and receiving unique attention. Living in residence allows boarding students to focus on their education in the Senior School and they have extended access to school resources such as the library, computer labs and Athletic Centre, as well as supervised study time every evening.

Leadership opportunities for Havergal’s boarding students are plentiful. Senior Boarders act as mentors for younger students, as Junior Dons and Boarding Prefect. Students of all grades are encouraged to organize events and become grade representatives. These positions help the students to use the leadership skills they have developed to make a difference both within the Boarding and school community.