Boarding School For Girls

Havergal College’s Boarding School provides unique experiences filled with opportunities for you to learn, grow and make friends that last a lifetime. Boarding life at Havergal is full of cultural richness and diversity-you will make international connections with other boarders, day girls and exchange students. Havergal will quickly become your second home: warm, supportive and fun!

Boarders and their parents will tell you that the friendships and connections students form at Havergal are life-long. They will also highlight the tremendous academic advantages of being able to live and attend school at Havergal. Boarders are fully engaged in our student body. Boarders and day students get to know one another during orientation and through their shared school days, and by participating in school events, weekly assemblies, teams, clubs and other school activities.

At Havergal, we offer something to interest every girl including:

  • Expansive programs in music, arts and athletics
  • A multitude of clubs, council and committee positions
  • Leadership opportunities within the Boarding community and within the school
  • Community service opportunities
  • Weekly program of events and activities developed exclusively for Boarders
  • Social activities such as movie nights, in town and out of town excursions
  • Variety of extracurricular activities and excursions, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Program

Havergal has been welcoming Boarding students (Grades 9 to 12) into our community since 1894. While they come from approximately 20 different countries, Havergal Boarders share many qualities: an enthusiasm for acquiring an excellent education, an openness to experience new situations and adventures, and an aptitude for hard work and good fun.



Student wellbeing is at the heart of our Boarding School. We will get to know each student as an individual and will provide an environment that allows them to thrive holistically so that they may find and pursue their passions. Boarding allows students to access the excellent education Havergal College has been offering for over 125 years. But we know that in order for students to succeed academically, they must be balanced socially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Our program is proactive and individualized for each student and based upon relationships of mutual respect and understanding. The Boarding team will work with students and parents to guide students as they transition into Boarding and along every step of their journey with us. We are here to make sure that all students and parents are well and happy and thoroughly engaged in our school community. Our Boarding program allows students to develop skills which will set the stage for lifelong learning and wellbeing.


Video Tour of Havergal

To learn what Boarding at Havergal is like, click here as students take you on a tour of the school in eight different languages: English, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.