Solar Panels

A 6kW solar array was installed on the roof above the Legacy Theatre in late 2013. The solar panels produce enough energy (approximately 6,900 kWh AC per year) to run a heater for 19 days, wash 27,000 loads of laundry, make more than 34,000 pots of coffee, run a vacuum cleaner for 5,300 hours (221 days) or power a 10 watt LED bulb for 690,000 hours (78 years).

Havergal’s solar array powers equipment in the mechanical room directly below the roof. It provides the power for the boilers that heat the building, lights inside the air conditioning fans, the unit heater fans above the doors and the pumps for the heating and cooling systems in the building. Click here to track the power produced by the array through SolarVuĀ®, a web energy portal that continuously monitors the solar array performance and displays power, energy, status and trends.