Role and Responsibilities of a Governor

The role of the Board of Governors is to enhance management decision making. The Board itself is a governance body, not an operational or an advisory one, and in this respect its primary role is one of oversight.

For Havergal’s Board of Governors to operate successfully, each member must understand and accept the specific duties and responsibilities that come with being a Governor. These include:

  • In general, utilize personal and professional skills, competencies, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of Havergal College and its educational mission.
  • Support the Principal, Board Chair and other Governors. Respect lines of communication and in doing so remain at arm’s length from the day-to-day administration of the school.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the school, at school events, in discussions with Havergal community members and in discussions with those external to the Havergal community.
  • Attend and participate in all regular meetings of the Board of Governors and an annual Board Retreat. Board meetings are approximately two hours in duration and occur six times throughout the school year. The Board Retreat is typically held offsite on a Friday evening and on Saturday in November. Governors are also expected to be accessible for personal contact between Board meetings.
  • Prepare in advance for decision-making and policy formation at Board meetings and take responsibility for self-education on major issues before the Board. This includes reviewing background materials available on the Board website,thinking strategically about decisions asked of the Board and raising strategic questions at board meetings or with the Board Chair or Principal, as appropriate.
  • Read all Board materials in advance of Board meetings and be prepared to engage in healthy discussion at the Board table.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all Board discussions and present a unified public face with respect to any decision made by the Board, whether or not you supported it at the Board table.
  • Actively participate on at least one Committee of the Board or as a member of the Havergal Foundation Board, attending all such Committee or Foundation Board meetings and participating fully in those meetings.
  • Support the work of the Office of Advancement by striving to build connections within the Havergal community,to improve communications within and beyond Havergal about the life of the school and to assist in the solicitation and stewardship of financial donors to the Havergal Foundation.
  • Make Havergal a personal charitable priority by making financial contributions within financial means.
  • Attend important school events throughout the year.
  • Participate in the annual Governor, Board Chair and Principal evaluation processes.