Bring Your Own Device

Information for Parents

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an approach to technology in which students have access to, and use, their own personally-selected and purchased computing devices rather than using school owned devices. An environment that supports personal devices is one that reflects the value of the independence and individualism of the learner. Havergal’s carefully-considered adoption of BYOD is a practical and strategic initiative that supports student-centred learning and fosters effective and responsible digital citizenship.

  • Students are more effective using their own devices. Students invest time, thought and energy to customize the device, setting it up to optimize productivity and to accommodate their own learning styles.
  • Digital devices are an integral part of students’ lives. Learning is more authentic when students are able to use the same tool in school that they use in their life outside of school.
  • Students are better prepared for life after Havergal. BYOD is increasingly the norm in both universities and in the workplace.

Havergal College does not endorse any particular hardware or operating system manufacturer, but we recognize the need to provide guidelines to enable families to evaluate and choose the device types that will best suit the students’ academic needs. These are dictated by specific selected course requirements. Please consult the BYOD Suitable Device Types document below that details some important limitations.

Learn more about BYOD at Havergal:

BYOD Information for Parents and Students

Suitable Device Types


“More important than the technology is having a clear philosophy and pedagogy around its use. The schools that have the most success with technology in the classroom are the ones where teachers let go. Give the students a question and let them use their own technology to work out the answer.”
– Sam Gliksman, Educational Technology Specialist