Sarah Tennant 1997

Sarah TennantSarah Tennant is an exceptional woman who has always been committed to making a difference. She is passionate about achieving excellence in everything that she does including academics, her career and sports. Although she is a high achiever, she is extremely humble. Sarah embodies the qualities of an outstanding leader and role model yet, at the same time, she is an excellent team player. Her generosity in serving others has benefited people all over the world.

While earning her bachelor of human kinetics degree in exercise science at the University of British Columbia (which included a one-year exchange at the University of Queensland in Australia), Sarah was awarded the Mary Isdale Memorial Scholarship for achievement, leadership and competency.

Given her passion and commitment to helping others, it was perhaps only fitting for Sarah to be selected for the Northern Medical Program (Rural and Remote Medicine) which forms a part of the University of British Columbia’s faculty of medicine. This program was established to address the often-critical shortages of physicians and health-care professionals in northern and rural areas. During her rotations through British Columbia, the Yukon and Mumbai, India, Sarah helped to fill important community needs.

Sarah then served as a resident in Dalhousie University’s PEI family medicine residency program, where she completed further rotations throughout the Maritimes. Recently, she graduated from Queen’s University’s renowned emergency medicine program. Prior to starting a career in medicine, Sarah was a registered kinesiologist with the B.C. Association of Kinesiologists and a certified fitness consultant for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

Throughout the years, Sarah has gracefully balanced the demands of academia and her career with her commitment to community service and an avid interest in sports. In the Biking for Breakfast Challenge, she cycled the entire tip-to-tip of P.E.I. to raise funds for the support of breakfast programs in schools. Her remarkable determination, endurance and desire to excel earned her the title of Icewoman champion in the Prince George Citizen Iceman, an event consisting of a swim, skate, run and ski. Further, Sarah placed second in her age group during her first attempt at an Ironman Triathlon, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle and 26.2-mile run without a break. These are only a few examples.

In June 2010, Sarah married longtime Australian friend Chris Jordan. She currently lives in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia with Chris and their son Campbell, and works in emergency medicine.

Sarah cherishes and maintains friendships from her foreign service childhood”¦Havergal, UBC, travels across Canada and numerous medical rotations. She is trusted, respected and admired by her peers. When asked to describe Sarah, a friend spoke of her “abundance of energy and enthusiasm for all things active.” Although Sarah is clearly destined to accomplish far more, her commendable achievements to date are deserving of great merit.

Written by Janie Wong 1997