Lola Kassim 2000

A fine example of Havergal Old Girls Making a Difference for Good in the World, Lola embodies all of Havergal’s treasured values – a commitment to professional excellence, leadership and altruism.

Co-Director of Harvard’s Peer Counselling Service, an intern with the Local Development Institute in Bangkok and a volunteer with the Centre for Agricultural and Rural Education (CARE) in India, Lola’s dedication to the service of others never waned despite the heavy workload of a Harvard degree and later an M.Sc. in Development Management at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Most recently, Lola was chosen as one of the Canadian Government’s Policy Leaders Class of 2006, a program that targets and recruits exceptional graduates into the public service of Canada and trains them to take on significant responsibilities in shaping Canadian Public Policy.

Written by Brenda Robson