Susan Woods 1960

A Driving Force Behind the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) and St. Christopher House

The Havergal Old Girls Association recognized Susan Woods for her outstanding achievements while living Havergal’s mission. Since her time at Havergal, Susan has been a strong advocate both in a professional and personal capacity for issues and initiatives pertaining to social consciousness and community building.

With each organization and community that Susan has been a part of, she has left a significant impact that has changed the way those around her view these social causes.

Susan’s drive, motivation and fierce sense of risk-taking have provided her with opportunities to create significant change directly impacting the people living in her community. In 1989, Susan was instrumental in the establishment of the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), a foundation that supports the economic empowerment of women and girls. Her fundraising efforts have gone on to raise more than $31 million to support women and girls across Canada.

Susan’s strong sense of community coupled with her compassion has given her great satisfaction through her work with St. Christopher House. This endeavour has been kept close to Susan’s heart due to her familial connection, Susan’s great-grandfather founded St. Christopher House in 1912. Her father and uncle’s years of dedication have been significant driving elements in Susan’s continued personal commitment to this establishment.

Susan’s strong bond with Havergal has been a tradition that has extended through generations of her family, beginning with her grandmother who attended the school on Jarvis Street, her mother who was Head Girl in 1929, her sister Deb who was Head Girl in 1967, and her two daughters Peggy and Cathy Milne, who were at Havergal in the 1980s.

The Havergal Old Girls Association was pleased to present the 2009 Old Girls Award to Susan Woods 1960.

Written by Deb Woods 1967