HOGA President’s Message

Edwina Dick StoateFor almost 125 years, HOGA has helped to connect Havergal alumnae both within the school and in the broader communities where we live and work.  With more than 9,500 members around the globe, we strive to continue and strengthen the ties that bind us through our shared experiences behind the ivy.

Whenever I meet Old Girls, whether it be in the school or far afield and whether they be Stoneagers or recent grads, I am always impressed by how strong our bond is even if we never crossed paths as Havergal students. It may be that we were in the same house, were taught by the same teacher, played the same sport or remembered singing at Carol Service. Whatever the connection, there is always a common sense of pride, strength and spirit that spans across the Havergal generations.

Based on the core values of friendship and connections, leadership and philanthropy, and tradition and innovation, HOGA offers a range of programs designed to appeal to all Old Girls–from class reunions to networking events, volunteer opportunities and fundraising efforts. I encourage every Old Girl to find the best way to connect and reconnect–whether it be visiting the Old Girls Tent at Celebration Saturday, joining classmates at the Annual Dinner where we recognize contributions from outstanding Old Girls, listening to the music at Carol Service or meeting fellow graduates at a networking reception.

I hope we have the opportunity to meet at a Havergal event in the coming year.

Edwina Dick Stoate 1975

President, Havergal Old Girls Association