November 2018



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The last two-and-a-half months have brought great change at Havergal. In September, we had 17 new Boarders enter the Boarding School—15 in their final Grade 12 year. With the help of your donations to the Limitless Campaign, construction has started at the Upper School. The girls have engaged in many events over the last couple months, from weekend crafts to theatre productions, Celebration Saturday, Thanksgiving Dinner, Self-Esteem Workshops, dinner with the Upper Canada College Boarders, Statford plays and Sunday night swim nights. They have learned to work together, building a sense of community through weekly family cleaning nights, sharing laundry facilities, electing Grade Reps to better support each girl and grade and, above all, showing compassion for each other. It has been a new adventure for all of the girls this year and we can’t wait for everything that’s still to come.

As November is upon us, we are already looking ahead to the next few months, as time tends to go by very quickly. For the last few years we have been running eventful excursions over the Family Day long weekend in February. This year we have decided to go to Washington, DC, so that the girls can experience the capital of the United States. Our itinerary will be full of museum tours, monument visits, the White House and Georgetown University, where one of our recent graduates is currently attending school.

Click here to see the options that will be available to the girls, in addition to an approximate cost breakdown of the trip. One change to note is that instead of taking a motor coach, as indicated in the link, we are planning to fly. The price will not drastically change from what is listed. We hope that you will agree that this is a good opportunity for your daughter to participate in. The sign-up deadline is Friday, November 30.

The Mid-Term Break provided a much needed rest for everyone. Click here to go to our Upcoming Events section to see a few events to look forward to between now and the December holiday break.

As always, my staff and I are here to answer any questions that you many have. You can contact us by our individual email addresses: Tze Vivas, Laura Fraser, Katie Warriner, Sarah Williamson, Claire Davis or myself, Natalia Stewart. For an immediate response to your questions, you can also email us at our communal email address: havergaldons@nullhavergal.on.ca.

Warm Wishes,
Natalia Stewart
Head of Boarding


Inside Boarding

Emily Vella
Message from our Health & Wellness Junior Don
Emily Vella

Hi, everyone! My name is Emily Vella and am this year’s Health and Wellness Junior Don. I am boarding from New York City, but am originally from Toronto, so coming to Havergal was essentially coming home to me. This is my second and last year here at Havergal. My goal is to make it a great one for myself and the Boarding community. I am focusing on educating the Boarders so that they will know how to personally achieve and foster an environment for positive mental and physical health. At Havergal, every part of health is a priority. Here, it is a widespread belief that to achieve one’s full potential they must be physically and mentally healthy and that’s why I take my role very seriously.

My hope for the year is to give girls a chance to try out new and different ways of exercising, with the hope that they find something that they enjoy. Some activities that I have planned for this year are yoga, a cycling class, rock climbing and a fun evening at a trampoline park. I’m looking forward to a great year!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn


Laura Fraser
Message from a Boarding Don
Laura Fraser

My name is Laura Fraser and this is my second year as a Boarding Don at Havergal’s Boarding School. Throughout my time here, I have had so much fun working and living with our girls! Being a Don includes everything from helping students with homework, being a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to always being the girls’ biggest cheerleader. Some of my favorite moments as a Don have been travelling with our girls to Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa, hearing about all of the girls’ successes, helping them when they’re down and, as always in Boarding, eating good food. I truly love the sense of community we have in our Boarding School and the way our Boarding family lifts each other up when needed.

Prior to coming to Havergal, I finished my Master of Education in Counselling at Boston University and found a passion for helping girls to grow their self-esteem in all facets of their lives. Once every month, the Boarders at Havergal complete a Self-Esteem Workshop that I have complied and present just for them! As teenage girls, their years at Havergal are one of the most formative times in their lives to build their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. In each workshop, we focus on topics that have to do with self-esteem, such as body image, self-care, the media, their own identity and self-talk. We also talk about healthy romantic relationships and keeping safe in the city. I hope that with each of these workshops our girls can learn a little more about themselves and be better prepared to face the world as young women.


Olivia Guy
Humans of Boarding
Showcasing our Athletes

My name is Olivia Guy and I am a Grade 11 student at Havergal. Sports have always played a huge role in my life. I have played and participated in both individual and team sports, each having their own unique and competitive nature. Swimming, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, track and field and rugby are all examples of sports I have played competitively. However, I would consider skiing and rowing to be my main focus.

Skiing is something that I have done for most of my life and from it I have acquired many important skills, such as organization and determination. But the skill that I believe to be most important is the ability to receive constructive criticism and self-reflect in order to better myself. These are skills that I have used often in my academic life at Havergal. The athletic opportunities at Havergal were a large contributing factor to my decision to come to Havergal, as it is a school that values well-rounded students in all areas. Rowing has been a tremendously important part of my time here. It has pushed me and created many opportunities and friendships. I have also had the opportunity to participate in sports that are new to me, which has taught me more about myself as an individual athlete and a teammate.


Boarder and Mom
What’s Poppin’ in Boarding
Catch-up from September

Welcome Reception & Dinner
On Tuesday, September 4, we heard speeches from Ms. Stewart, Catherine Thomas (this year’s School Captain), Sheena McKeever (our Boarder Prefect) and others as parents, staff and Boarders dined together.

Movie Night
Boarders gathered together with snacks and blankets to watch a movie in the Boarding School, theatre-style.

Amazing Race
Havergal’s annual Amazing Race took place on Saturday, September 8. Boarders were divided into their four families, which were the teams in which Boarders explored Toronto.

Celebration Saturday
On Saturday, September 29, Havergal held its annual fundraising event in support of our community partnerships. Students participated by running activity booths, selling and buying food and goods, etc. Boarding had its own booth, which sold apple cider and popcorn.

Thanksgiving Dinner
On Thursday, October 4, staff, faculty and Boarders at Havergal enjoyed a special Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey, pumpkin pie and activities to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Boarder Holiday Dinner 2017
Upcoming Events

November 13: Winter Athletic Tryouts Begin
November 14: Grade 11 University Tours
November 19: Caribbean Dinner
November 20: Class of 2019 Grad Family Reception (Grad parents who are in town are welcome to attend)
November 23: Boarding Prayers
November 24: Debating Tournament at Havergal (volunteers needed)
November 26: Self-esteem Workshop
November 28: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Musical
December 1: University of British Columbia Applications Due
December 4: School of Rock Musical
December 6: Grad/Staff Reception & Dinner
December 14: University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Applications Due
December 16: In-house Events
December 17: Boarder Holiday Dinner
December 19: Carol Service
December 20: Havergal closes at 6 pm
January 6: Boarding School Reopens at 12 pm
January 7: Classes Resume


Boarder K-Pop Dance

Showcase: K-Pop Dance Cover
Keying Sun, Jala Malcolm & Friends

Keying Sun and Jala Malcolm got together with a group of friends to perform a dance to K-Pop music in support of UNICEF’s Children’s Hospital. This fundraising event was part of a UNICEF partnership with world-renowned K-Pop boy group BTS.

Watch the video here!