November 2017



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is always a pleasure to write to you. These past few months have gone by in the blink of an eye. Now that November is here, the staff and I have seen the girls settle into their routines. Our delightful new Boarders are now in the swing of the Canadian academic curriculum and Boarding life. The Grade 12s are steadily knocking off university applications to various colleges across the United Kingdom, United States and here in Canada, and the girls are working exceptionally hard to maintain a balance of academics, fitness and social relationships.

As the workload increases, one thing that we always remind the girls is to make sure to get enough sleep. We know that the pace here at Havergal can be fast and the homework can pile up, but we encourage the girls to start their nightly routines early so that they are fresh for the next day. Studying until late hours is not a successful, sustainable study model and waking up tired for the next day’s classes is counterproductive. Time management is the key to leading a successful balanced schedule. The Boarding staff and I are always here to help with organizing the girl’s schedules, making three-week plans and talking through ideas of how to best coordinate all their activities. We encourage the girls to start to look at the way they maintain their schedules because learning good study habits now will only benefit them once they get to university.

We are very excited for our upcoming outing to Elf The Musical that all Boarders will be going to on Wednesday, November 22. It will be a fantastic kick-off to the Christmas season. Please remember that this is our last mandatory event of the year. Tickets will be charged to your accounts and all girls must attend. The show starts at 7:30 pm. We will have dinner here at Havergal and take transit in our Families down to the theatre. Keeping with the holiday spirit, we will continue with our Christmas Secret Santa starting at the beginning of December. Each girl will pick a name out of a hat and do nice things for their recipient anonymously for two weeks. At the end, we gather together to reveal the Secret Santas and what they did for that person. Monday, December 18 is our annual holiday dinner where girls contribute holiday food recipes to our kitchen so that we have a feast from around the world. Your daughters may be asking you very soon for the recipe for their favorite meal. To end off our holiday season, Havergal puts on a very special event that is Carol Service. On Thursday, December 21 at 7 pm, the school will converge at St. Paul’s Bloor Street downtown to hear the harmonious voices of our school choir and the words of our new School Chaplain, The Reverend Stephanie Douglas.

Lastly, we are still deciding on our Family Day weekend activity in February. We will be staying in Canada this year so that all girls have the opportunity to attend the excursion without having to apply for travel visas. I will send you a separate email with the excursion details. Please note that we are closed that weekend from February 16 to 19, unless the girls are attending the excursion; otherwise they will need to head home or to their guardian’s house.

As always please feel free to contact me or the Residential Dons if you have any questions of concerns. We can always be reached on our communal email at havergaldons@nullhavergal.on.ca or by our personal email addresses.

From all of us to all of you we wish you well and happiness.

Natalia Stewart
Head of Boarding


Inside Boarding

Jessie Liu
Introducing Jessie Liu
Sports Captain

I’m Jessie and I’m so excited to be the Sports Captain! I have many ideas and fun games planned. Intramurals happen every Sunday from 8 pm for around 20-30 minutes; we’ll play a range of sports, from basketball to ball hockey and even Christmas games. I know intramurals aren’t mandatory, but I highly encourage all girls to come out. Not only is it a good way to keep fit, but it is also a good way to de-stress and relax from a weekend of studying and working. I’m super excited for the rest of the year; there will be more sports, fun games and exciting activities. I’m open about any games or music suggestions that the girls can enjoy. I can’t wait for the rest of this awesome year!


Claire Lee
Introducing Claire Lee
Junior Don for Health & Wellness

As fall settles in, girls are learning to be independent and are also beginning to call Havergal their home away from home. I still remember my first year coming to Havergal. I was pleasantly surprised with how much freedom I had to participate in activities both in and out of school. However, as school work caught up with me, I had to take a step back to reconsider my role both as a student and in the Boarding community. With the rigorous academics and extracurriculars at Havergal, girls often have a lot of stress. But Boarding is always there for them. My role as the Junior Don for Health and Wellness is to address these problems and help them through the year. We host in-house activities every Saturday, making arts and crafts a way to relieve stress and have fun. Sometimes students bring in their school work and just socialize for the afternoon. Apart from the specific activities, girls have resources to learn about their own well-being. The Dons are always there to listen to problems and support them like a parent or guardian would do. As well, there are Junior Dons who act as big sisters for all of Boarding. Rest assured, Havergal Boarding is a family and bubble of support. With activities such as yoga on Wednesday nights or Intramurals between families on Sunday nights and a fully equipped gym, students are able to be active and healthy.


Sharon Miller
Introducing Mrs. Miller
School Nurse

My name is Sharon Miller and this is my 13th year working in the Wellness Centre at Havergal. Nurse Bonnie Best and I share the responsibility of caring for Boarders and their health seven days a week. I work from Monday to Wednesday and Bonnie is in the Wellness Centre on Thursday and Friday. We are “on call” on evenings and weekends when school is in session. Most of our students are very healthy, but when they are not well, they come to see us for assessment, sometimes spend the day in the Wellness Centre and, when necessary, see our school doctor, Dr. Desson.

Here are some of the other things that we do to support health and wellness in the Boarding School:

  • Work closely and communicate regularly with the Boarding School staff;
  • Make sure that our students have the immunizations necessary to attend school in Ontario and provide any outstanding vaccinations needed;
  • Hold a flu shot clinic for Boarders each November. Please encourage your daughters to receive a flu shot! They are considered to be at a higher risk of getting the flu because they live with so many people in the residence;
  • Provide health education in Boarding on various topics such as sleep, nutrition and concussions; and
  • Meet regularly with other members of the school’s Student Support Team to discuss how best to support the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of students.

In short, we do everything we can to make sure that your daughter is healthy and happy while she is living at Havergal.


Tze Vivas
Introducing Ms. Vivas
Residential Don

Boarding has been such an interesting experience so far. I love having my little family to check in on every night. They’re a bundle of charm, quirkiness, sass and laughter. One of my favorite things about Boarding is being able to share experiences with the Boarders, whether they are in my family or not, and hearing all of their stories. As someone who just moved to Toronto, being able to feel at home within the first two months is lovely and it wouldn’t be possible without my little Vivas family, the Boarding community and my fellow Dons. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all the girls better throughout the year and go on different events with them. It’s going to be a great year!


Cavalcade of Lights
Upcoming Events

November 8-13 Mid-term Break
November 19 Yoga
November 22 Surprise Outing
November 25 Cavalcade of Lights
November 25 DIY Hoodie Set
December 2 DIY Throw Blanket
December 9 Pool Party @ Bishop Strachan School
December 15 Christmas Market @ Upper Canada College
December 16 Peppermint Sugar Scrub
December 17 Gingerbread Bath Bombs
December 18 International Holiday Dinner
December 21 Boarding Closes for Holiday Break
January 7 Boarding Opens

Casey and Serina
Showcase: Grade Reps
Grade 9: Casey & Serina

Hi, we’re Casey and Serina and we’re extremely excited to be your Grade 9 Representatives this year. We are planning a lot of fun activities for all of the girls and we will also organize some inter-grade activities. For example, we plan on taking a trip to the famous CN Tower or going out for a fancy grade dinner. There will be a lot of fun activities for the Grade 9 Boarders, just wait and see! We really hope that the girls are enjoying their first year here in Havergal and we wish to make this year the best one yet.

Tolu and Abi
Grade 10: Tolu & Abi

Greetings parents, guardians, friends and siblings. Our names are Tolu and Abi and we are your Grade 10 Representatives for the 2017-18 school year. We are so excited to begin the journey that lies ahead of us and have several ideas for grade outings and activities that will help our grade bond, relax and take a break from all of our hectic schedules! Having been at Havergal as long as we have, we know how easy it is to feel small in this large place, so our primary goal when running for Grade Reps was ensuring that our grade within Boarding could feel at a home. We want to make Havergal feel like a place where students can truly feel safe and like they belong. Some events that we have in place for the year are go karting, mini golf, dinner, movies and grade study sessions. As mentioned above, we are extremely excited for the year ahead and we hope that we are able to make our grade proud!

Grade 11: Emily

Hi, everyone! I’m Emily and I’m this year’s Grade 11 Representative. I am new to Boarding and have been amazed by how interesting and friendly everyone is. That is why my goal is to create events that will bring the grade closer together and will give us the opportunity to learn more about each other. Some activities that I have planned include movie night, a learn how to do make-up night and more. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and for the great year ahead.

Grade 12: Stephanee

This year has had an amazing start because of all the activities that added energy to the Boarding halls and smiles to the faces around me. My name is Stephanee and I am a Grade 12 Boarder from the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. This is my third year at Havergal. I’m super excited to work alongside all of the other wonderful Grade Representatives by planning activities and events outside of these ivy walls. I look forward to all of the things that we can come up with as a team this year. Helen, our Head of Junior Dons, and I also are thrilled to be able to mold the role of Grade Representative into a more prominent leadership role in Boarding. As the Representative of Grade 12, my ultimate goal is to bring our grade as close together as possible before we all separate on different paths in June.