May 2019



Natalia Stewart

Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Dear All,

We have arrived at our final newsletter of the year, which means the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. As the month of May continues on, AP exams, the Senior Art Show, Senior drama performances and Prom are among the special events that are taking place. Exams will start at the beginning of June, followed by our year-end closing events including the Grad Boarder/Parent Tea on Tuesday, June 18 at 3:30 pm in the Ellen Knox Library, Candlelight Service for Grade 11 and 12s in the Brenda Robson Hall later that evening at 6 pm, and of course the big finale, Graduation on Wednesday, June 19.

With over 120 girls graduating this year, I recommend that you arrive at least an hour early for Graduation to reserve your seats for the ceremony, especially if additional members of your family plan on attending this special day. If you live internationally, you will receive a parking pass at our Grad Boarder/Parent Tea. If you are a parent that lives in Canada, you should receive a parking pass in the mail. Please place your pass on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Grade 11s are welcome to move out the morning of Wednesday, June 19 before 12 pm, so they can attend Candlelight Service and say goodbye to their friends that evening. Moving out is prohibited during Graduation, so please make sure to have you belongings together beforehand. Grade 12s move out after the Graduation reception and Boarding will close that evening at 6 pm for the summer. Grade 9 and 10s should try to move out after exam take-up day so that we can start to clear the Boarding School. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

As you know we always have great residential teams in Boarding and this year was no exception. At the end of this school year we will be saying goodbye to all our Dons: Ms. Vivas, Ms. Williamson and Ms. Fraser. They will be starting new and exciting chapters in their lives as they continue their professional careers. I want to thank them very much for their outstanding work over the past couple of years and wish them well in their pursuits beyond these ivy walls. We are lucky enough to have Ms. Davis staying on with us next year to grace us with her wisdom and guidance, as her 20-year experience in our Boarding School has been one of our greatest assets.

This year we will also say goodbye to the Grade 12s, who we are so proud of. For their incredible academic efforts, they have all received great university offers, including from Columbia University, University of California San Diego, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, St. Andrews College in Wales, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, Western University, McGill University and University of California, Los Angeles. The Boarding School will also be saying goodbye to two more girls: Valentina Villaseñor in Grade 10, who will be returning to Mexico to finish high school after being at Havergal since Grade 9, and Cindy Zhu also in Grade 10, who will be transferring over to our Day School. We look forward to hearing from our departing students next year and wish them well in this new chapter of their lives.

I would like to acknowledge some of our current Grade 10 and 11s who were voted in for leadership positions next year, starting with our new Junior Don team: Angeline Pang, Fidan Sadig, Sara Lien, Samantha Li, Serina Woo, Andrey Chau, Carlotta Greiner, Lily Wang and Annie Chen. Our new Head Junior Don will be Kaylee Yang and our new Boarder Prefect is Catherine Feng. Congratulations to all! In addition to these roles, several Boarders were elected for Day School positions. Accompanying Catherine Feng in a Prefect role, Boarders Olivia (Lulu) Guy and Tolu Ogunfowora were elected as Day School Prefects. Many Boarders were also elected as Club Heads, including Orchestra Head Angeline Pang and DECA Head Kaylee Yang.

We are excited about the incoming leaders, but I want to acknowledge our outgoing Junior Don team, which has been led by our Boarder Prefect Sheena McKeever and Head Junior Don Emma Gurney. These two girls were the anchor of the whole team and steered the ship throughout the year. We thank all of the Junior Dons who have done and incredible job this year: Juliana Zhang, Catherine Feng, Abi Zewdu, Emily Vello, Rita Yang, Dorothy Poon and Tolu Ogunfowora, including our Newsletter Editor Keying Sun.

Our next newsletter will be coming out in the beginning of August, which will include information about our new staff, students, family structure and schedule. Lastly, if you are a parent of one of next year’s Junior Dons, please have your daughter return to Boarding on Friday, August 30 so that they can begin training on Saturday, August 31.

Thank you all for a fantastic year. From all of us to all of you, we hope you have a great summer.

Natalia Stewart
Head of Boarding


Inside Boarding

Sharon Miller and Carm Frasca

Message from the School Nurses
Sharon Miller & Carm Frasca

Hello from the Wellness Centre! Another year at Havergal is coming to an end. As we prepare for exams, Graduation and for the 2019-20 school year, we want to remind you all of the importance of sleep. Parents, please talk to your daughters and encourage them to build in a minimum of eight hours of sleep as they plan their study schedules. To support this plan, here are some interesting facts:

  • Sufficient sleep improves memory;
  • Sleep helps girls manage their emotions;
  • Concentration is improved with a good night’s rest;
  • Sleep improves a person’s ability to make decisions; and
  • Exercise helps you sleep at night.

Toronto Public Health tracks our students’ immunization records to make sure they comply with the laws for mandatory immunizations in the province of Ontario. If your daughter receives any vaccinations while she is at home, it is important that you report them to us. Likewise, any immunizations given here at school are documented. All Grade 12 Boarders will be given a copy of their immunization records before the end of the year so that they will have the most up to date information on file.

Congratulations to all our Grads! We wish them the best as they head off to new adventures and we hope they will come back to visit. We look forward to seeing everyone else in September. Have a happy, healthy summer!


Rita Yang

Message from our Events Junior Don
Rita Yang

Hi, my name is Rita and I am the Events Junior Don (JD) this year. It has been an EVENTful year for sure! From the Amazing Race at the beginning of the year, to the very last Saturday Movie night, I have really enjoyed my role as Events JD. Not only did I get more opportunities to bond with the girls, but I also learned more about organization and marketing. (Hint: Where there are snacks, there are people.)

Some of the highlights this year: the trip to Canada’s Wonderland where we took the GO bus and where I was the “Mama Hen” for the first time; going all out in our family colors on the streets of Toronto during the Amazing Race; the Christmas gift-wrapping party and Halloween costume-making session with great playlists; dinner and games with the… wait for it… UCC boys!; the Charity Car Wash, which was a Saturday well-spent; and more chill Saturday movie nights with ramen, popcorn and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I will definitely miss my Boarding sisters as I go off to university next year—it is a irreplaceable family that I will think about all the time.


Sheena McKeever

Farewell from our Boarder Prefect
Sheena McKeever

Whether it was your first or last year in Boarding at Havergal, let me start off by saying a massive congratulations on such a fabulous year that has been full of growth!

For Grade 9s, I want to say congratulations on completing your first year in Boarding! As I have mentioned before, it takes massive amounts of courage to move into a new school and an unfamiliar situation at such a young age. You have not only made memories with us all, but have reminded us of the great energy and spark of being at this school for the first year.

Grade 10s, I know this can be a tricky year where you are narrowing your focus on what you may be interested in studying in higher grades. However, you have continued to show passion and care behind all that you do. Whether co-curricular activities or academics, you each have done extremely well this year and I congratulate you and encourage you to keep the same stride next year.

Grade 11s, this sometimes tricky and transitional year can be daunting. You have all risen to the task and I have witnessed your consistent drive and motivation within this school. To see girls grow over the years is a very special process to witness. I encourage you to stick with your passions next year and to be strong role-models for our younger and incoming Boarders.

Grade 12s, we’re finally here! The year has come to a close, where we are all now going to go our separate ways as we graduate from Havergal. I am incredibly proud of every one of you for all of your accomplishments and I cannot wait to see all of the outstanding things our class will achieve in the future.

I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful Junior Don team who kept me on track and to my Head Junior Don, Emma Gurney, for being the most supportive partner I could ask for. To the incoming Boarding leaders, I am extremely proud of you all. Catherine and Kaylee will be wonderful role-models for all of Boarding. Each Junior Don portfolio brings about new opportunities for each of you to improve and grow our Boarding School.

To our Dons, Ms. Vivas, Ms. Fraser and Ms. Williamson, you have each made a tremendous mark on our experiences at this school. You have given us constant guidance and care that have strengthened our overall experiences in this school.

To parents, faculty and staff, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Boarding School for your continuous support and inspiration. None of the opportunities would be made possible without your passion for Boarding at Havergal.

This year has been one of the best and I would like to thank all of you, our readers, for being so invested in this wonderful school’s potential.


Boarder Mexican Dinner

What’s Poppin’ in Boarding
Catch-Up from March

Next Year’s Boarding Leadership Positions
Congratulations to all those who ran for leadership positions and to next year’s incoming Boarder Prefect, Head Junior Dons and Junior Dons. We are very proud of our girls’ leadership roles both within and outside of Boarding, as well as the impact each unique individual has on this community!

Mexican Dinner
In May, our Mexican Borders arranged a full three-course meal of tacos, guacamole, arroz rojo and churros drizzled in chocolate sauce for the Boarders. This was followed by a special presentation about Mexican celebrations by Valentina Villaseñor.

Havergal’s 125th Anniversary Celebration
On Friday, May 3, Roy Thomson Hall was filled with the enchanting voices of Senior Choir, mesmerizing dance routines and moving pieces from the Band and Orchestra as we celebrated Havergal’s 125th anniversary. Many Boarders were part of these ensembles and they truly were the pride of Havergal on this night.



Graduation 2018

Upcoming Events

May 27: Boarder Farewell Dinner
May 30: Grade 11/12 Boarder Tea
May 31: Dear Evan Hansen Musical
June 3: First Day of Exams
June 12: Conflict Day
June 14: Exam Take-Up Day
June 18: Grade 9/10 Move-Out (or before), Candlelight Rehearsal, Used Book Intake, House Captain Ribbon Braiding & Candlelight Service
June 19: Graduation Rehearsal (1-2:30), Grad/Parent tea in EK
June 20: Graduation and Reception and 11/12 move out

Showcase: Visual Art
Carlotta Greiner

Painting of Mountains

Drawing of a Whale