March 2018



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we head into our spring season, there are a few things that I would like you to keep in mind. Student elections are coming up and for those who are in Grades 10 and 11, initial conversations and meetings have started both in the Day School and in Boarding. We have asked the girls to give the positions they are applying for great thought and consideration, because as we know Grades 11 and 12 are busy years academically. As the girls start to narrow down their choices, we want them to consider all the pieces of the puzzle, such as what athletic sport they will be trying out for and the requirements that will impose, any after-school commitments, tutoring, clubs, etc. What we want to instill in our students is that when considering these positions, they come with a high degree of responsibility. They are jobs that require full commitment. Balance is required and making the decision to not take part in one thing so that they can give 100 per cent in the other is vital.

In the Boarding School we have a rigorous election process. It requires girls to submit an application that they will receive just prior to March Break. They will need to interview for the position once back from the Easter long weekend. Through that process, names will be selected for the ballots and those are the candidates who will be voted on. The Boarding School positions on our Junior Don team are demanding roles that require time and energy. Our ultimate goal is to keep developing our processes and continue creating an environment of a home away from home. The Junior Don Leadership Team plays a huge role in making this a great community and a wonderful place to live, so we are looking for candidates that can really give their full commitment to the role and who are engaged in the community.

If you know that your daughter is applying for a Junior Don or Prefect position in Day or Boarding, please note that you should wait to buy return flights for September until after April 27, when the results of the election are announced. Prefects and Junior Dons traditionally arrive back during the last week of August to help get ready for the year and have their training—this year will be no different. Prefects will need to be back for Tuesday, August 28 and Junior Dons will need to be back for Friday, August 31. This will be mandatory for these students.

In other news, the spring athletic season will soon be upon us. It is a good time for the girls to go out and get some fresh air by playing a new sport or returning to a much-beloved one. Tryouts start on Tuesday, March 27.

We know that there will be some girls staying home during the four days between March Break and the Easter long weekend. Please note that those students should already be notifying their teachers and going through the approval process, which means that they will need to get an extended leave form from Mrs. Danto or from Mrs. Martin’s office and have each of their teachers sign it. This will allow your daughter and the teachers to have conversations about what will be covered in the days that she is absent and what she will need to be working on. The girls can always double-check any assignments through Veracross while they are away. If you could please forward flight itinerary to havergaldons@nullhavergal.on.ca it would be very helpful in tracking the comings and goings for the month of March.

Best wishes,

Natalia Stewart
Head of Boarding


Inside Boarding

Courtney den Elzen
Introducing Ms. den Elzen
Residential Don

Wow! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already made it to March Break. It’s been a busy and bustling year getting to know all the girls and supporting them through the trials, tribulations and celebrations that are Boarding, Havergal and adolescent life. Already since the New Year, the girls have been up to amazing things in the Day School, from acting and directing in the school play, sharing their culture and celebrations at Lunar New Year Prayers, volunteering and raising funds for good causes and competing in provincial business and sports competitions. It’s a whirlwind to keep up with, but it has been wonderful to witness students’ drive and passion. Our girls are all active participants, impressively, in formally and informally building a strong, warm and welcoming Boarding community. As a former high school Boarder myself and a recent grad from a women’s university, it is amazing to watch the power of a residential all-women’s education play out in every aspect of our Boarders’ lives. Mighty friendships, impromptu study groups, fierce independence: they’re all here. It’s a pleasure to be able to be a part of it, encouraging and supporting it all with our all-star team of Dons. Here’s to a safe and happy March Break for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing the Boarders again in a couple weeks and continuing to make this the best Boarding year yet!


Osemudiamen Elimimian
Introducing Osemudiamen Elimimian
In-House Junior Don

This year I have the position of In-House Junior Don (JD), which means that I take care of all the activities that happen inside the Boarding School. What I’ve learned from this is that it’s a lot of hard work and that I love Boarding. Because there are many activities going on, my role requires a lot of time. At first it was easy, but as the workload started to pile up, it became harder. Although I experienced some turbulence, it made me realize how much I really love being a Boarder and motivated me to work harder. Some of my favourite activities that we have done so far are the ones we did at the beginning of the year: movie night and motivation jars. Movie night started the year off right and allowed new Boarders to mingle and feel connected to the rest of the community. The motivation jar impacted everyone who made one either by giving them a laugh or helping them stay motivated. As In-House JD, I love seeing people smiling, happy and interacting with each other and that’s what I try to achieve. Coming up, I will be partnering with the Boarding Intramurals Head to bring another “battle of the families” event, so don’t forget to ask your daughter about it!


Senior School Play
Theatre Performance
Sheena McKeever, Grade 11

Our theatre program here at Havergal continues to flourish. Unlike what we’ve done in the past, which is to produce one long Senior School play, for this season we had two One-Act plays, which were tied to the theme of the evening: “A Night of Post Truth.” Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams and The Bald Soprano by Eugène Ionesco were performed from Thursday, March 1 to Saturday, March 3. Many of our girls in Boarding were part of the fascinating production, which was one of the school’s best yet. Much time, patience and dedication is applied to these performances and all the girls deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

Easter Eggs
Upcoming Events

March 24 & 31: Easter Egg Hunt
April 7: String & Beaded Bracelet Making
April 21: Scavenger Hunt
May 5: Pool Party & Water Balloon Fight


Stephanee Storr Make-up Look

Showcase: Make-up Artists in Boarding
Kate Lunau, Osemudiamen Elimimian & Stephanee Storr

“Make-up is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” – Michelle Phan, YouTuber

Make-up can be an underrated art form that isn’t widely appreciated by all. We have three talented Boarders who are all self-taught make-up artists, who have learned their craft with the assistance of friends and sources such as YouTube. Make-up is not a way of hiding, but a bold form of expression and beauty. These girls are all in some way influenced and inspired by this art form and have the desire to share it with the greater community.