June 2016

Boarding at Havergal


Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

We have come to the end of the road. What a year it has been! The girls have done exceedingly well and we are so proud of them. Now, as we say goodbye, the room keys are handed in and the donation pile starts to stack up, I can not help but reflect on all of those little moments that have made our Boarding community so special over the year. For me the Talent Show was one of he biggest highlights. With so many girls putting themselves out there and displaying their talents, it really moved me. It was the first time we have ever had a girl perform stand-up comedy; Kate Lunau did a great job. We hope to post or have a live broadcast next year so you can see what talents these girls possess.

The ultimate highlights for me are always the one-on-one times I get to spend with each girl, whether chatting at an event, relaxing in the common room or hearing about their day in the Boarding School Office. It is in those little moments that you see their real character shine through, or sometimes they make you laugh so hard you can’t stop. They are the moments that you just don’t want to end. On that note, I will miss the conversations with our Grads. Many of them I have seen grow and turn into these wonderful, ambitious and thoughtful young women almost overnight. The staff and I have been so impressed with their academic caliber this year and the pay-off it has had. Most Grads were able to accept their top choices for university and some were able to get into competitive specialized programs.

I would like to thank the Boarders for another great year. It is always tough when your community changes on a yearly basis, but it makes it so much easier when you have girls who are warm and accepting around you. I would also like to thank all the parents and guardians for working with us and making this a very successful year for all the girls. We work best when we work together.

We hope that everyone enjoys the summer holidays. For those of you who are returning, we hope you are able to come back refreshed and excited about the next year. To those who are leaving us, we wish you all the best in your new schools and with your new adventures. We are so proud of you!

I would also like to say goodbye to Ms. Annie Maki and thank her for her three years of service in the Boarding School. She will be heading out west to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as she has accepted a position at a school in Victoria. Ms. Maki will be greatly missed, as she has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, caring and compassion to all students who have passed through the Boarding School.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye, but not farewell, to Ms. Kendra Vice, who has been with us for the year and who has also brought creativity, warmth, experience and knowledge to the Boarding School. Ms. Vice can now be found in the Admission office in her new role as Admission Assistant at Havergal. We are happy that she will still be in the school and we wish her luck in her new position.

We are fortunate to have two news Dons coming next year who also have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would first like to welcome Ms. Alexandra Denis, who some of the students may already know from the Languages Department in the Upper School. Ms. Denis has been teaching Middle School French over the past year, along with coaching volleyball and soccer. She comes with previous Don experience from Albert College where she worked as a Residential Don for two years before coming to Havergal. Ms. Denis holds a Bachelor in Science in Biology with a Minor in French. Ms. Denis will still continue teaching in the Languages Department in addition to her position in the Boarding School.

We also want to welcome Ms. Maureen Curtin to our team for next year. Ms. Curtin comes with a great deal of educational experience, having attained a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics, a Bachelor of Education in Intermediate/Senior Math and Science (Biology) and a Master of Science in Biochemistry in Human and Molecular Genetics. Ms. Curtin has spent the last four years teaching abroad in Italy and, in her current position with World Academy, sailing around the world with 14 students teaching Chemistry.

We welcome them both to the team and the community.

Our Boarding Office will be closed from June 24 to August 29. I will be checking my email periodically throughout the summer, so should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at nstewart@nullhavergal.on.ca.

All the best,

Natalia Stewart
Head of Boarding


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Tofunmi’s Tales
Excerpts of Spoken Word Poetry by Mia and Tofunmi, Part 2

My bucket list
One, to live in a treehouse hotel.
One, to travel around Europe with a group of friends,
Two, to be a gardener, a baking-expert and a perfume maker, and to still each day finish reading 10 books.
Two, to write a book.
Three, to have my confidence as high as my knee socks.
Three, to keep my head held high through life’s roadblocks.
Four, to skydive from on top of Toronto, whoosh down along the CN tower, and then a huge hand made of warm Canadian snowflakes will hold me up, mid-air, and whisper, “Welcome to Toronto.”
Four, to dive in headfirst into the ocean of life and all its opportunities.
Five, to pass my gym triathlon exam.
Five, to survive grade 11.
Six, to carpe diem, and feast upon the digestive cookies in boarding before they run out.
Six, to somehow get through a presentation without freaking out.
Seven, to like the taste of the words “I don’t know” on my tongue.
Seven, to be content not knowing what will happen tomorrow.
Seven, to be happy no matter I’m an easy breezy covergirl, or geeky greasy random girl.
Seven, to be okay if I don’t end up taking over the world.
Seven, to binge eat M&Ms and ups and downs,
To cry when watching soap operas or when I just feel like crying,
To laugh when my friends are being funny or when I just feel like laughing,
To pillow-fight as much as I want, but never use cynicism or hatred as a weapon,
To obsess with Mia over great poets like Sarah Kay but still write my own poetry anyway.
Seven, to have a bucket list,
And to always carry a bucket of smiles around,
Even if people pour bitterness and rain water in it.