January 2016



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Assistant Head, Boarding
Natalia Stewart

We hope that you had a wonderful and restful holiday. Many warm wishes from our staff and happy New Year!

The girls had a great start to the year by attending a fantastic show for the Surprise Event last Thursday, which was Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk. This performance was inspired by James Cameron’s movie Avatar, which was a blockbuster hit a few years ago. The set, lighting and costumes were spectacular and the girls enjoyed themselves immensely. We’ll be attending more exciting events this month, as you will see in the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter. Although the other events that we will be offering over the next few months will not be mandatory like the Surprise Event was, we hope that your daughter takes advantage of the opportunities to try new things and engage with the wider community.

As mentioned last month, we’re also offering a February long weekend excursion to Niagara Falls where we’ll be staying at Great Wolf Lodge. The girls will be able to enjoy the immense water park and additional activities the resort has to offer. They’ll also get the opportunity to see the falls and tour around town. Ms. Cole and Ms. Tao will be accompanying the students on the excursion. The group will be leaving the Boarding School on Friday, February 12, returning on Sunday, February 14 and it will cost approximately $500 dollars. It will be a fantastic experience and we hope that many of the girls will be able to attend. As a reminder, this is a weekend where the Boarding School closes; if your daughter is not attending the excursion, please make her departure arrangements in advance. Email me if you have any further questions regarding the trip to Niagara Falls at nstewart@nullavegal.on.ca.

So far this winter we’ve seen the girls getting out and enjoying different activities. Skating is popular right now. We’re lucky that we have an outdoor rink near the school where students can skate. The Health & Physical Education department is always kind in letting Boarders borrow skates at any time. There are also skating rinks downtown, which we like to bring the Boarders to because of the music and ambiance. Although there has been little snow in Toronto, north of the city has received a few more inches. It has been enough to enjoy some good days of skiing, which has been fun for the Boarders in our Skiing and Snowboarding clubs and Snow Hawks program. Please email the Dons if you want to know more about putting your daughter in ski classes on the weekends. For more information, visit the Snow Hawks website.

As I always say, the months tend to go by fast at Havergal and I know these next few will be no exception. Come March the girls are going to have to start to think about leadership positions for the next year within Boarding and the school. We encourage everyone to think about these positions and whether they are right for them. Talk to your daughter about the different opportunities and how she might manage herself and her schedule. I hope that you can have a good conversation about the next steps in her future as a leader.

We hope that you had a wonderful break and that all are well and happy.


Natalia Stewart
Assistant Head, Boarding


Inside Boarding

Boarder Holiday Dinner
Boarder Holiday Dinner

Boarding students gathered in the Hawkins Dining Room with faculty and staff for our annual Boarder Holiday Dinner on Tuesday, December 8. Boarders enjoyed a delicious buffet of special foods from their home countries, including dumplings, sushi, Bahamian mac and cheese and traditional turkey. Thanks to Food Services for the wonderful meal. View more photos on our Facebook page.


Celebrating the Holiday Season with a Festival of Lessons & Carols

It was a full house for Carol Service on Tuesday, December 15 at St. Paul’s Bloor Street, our original parish church. Ms. Janes, Head of Music and Choir Director, led the Chamber, Senior and Middle School Choirs through a beautiful program of Christmas carols while community members shared readings of nine lessons with the audience.

Our Carol Service event is an annual tradition for the Havergal community and is always a lovely way to celebrate the holiday season. You can enjoy some of the music from this event by viewing it on our YouTube playlist.


Rock Climbing
Upcoming Events

January 17: Rock Climbing
January 19: Sky Zone
January 30: Archery Tag
January 31: Rock Climbing

Ongoing Events
Monday nights: Hip Hop
Wednesday nights: Swimming

Tofunmi’s Tales

Okay, alright, I hear you,
I may not seem outgoing, I may not seem to say much,
And when I do speak,
They say sometimes the sound that comes out doesn’t amount to much,
I acknowledge it.
But perhaps it’s not the words we say,
But the words we choose not to say,
The weight of subtext within our silence,
How we wait one minute every year in quiet reminiscence,
How we look up to the heavens in awe, in reverence,
How we choose to walk away,
When there’s still so much we could say,