February 2017



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Happy New Year to you! We have gone through much celebration in the last month with Christmas and New Year’s now behind us. Recently, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a very special dinner that’s still lingering on our taste buds. Our sights are now set on the Family Day long weekend, which is just around the corner. As you know, the Boarding School will be running an excursion to New York City; this destination was unanimously chosen by the students. We will be using a third party operator to conduct our tour and excursion. There is a large group of 18 students heading across the border with Ms. Curtin, Ms. Tao and Ms. Denis to enjoy a fun-filled sightseeing tour of New York City.

March Break is also fast approaching. The girls will have two weeks off to relax and build their energy up for the last part of the year. Girls should be starting to think about student leadership positions, as the election process will start shortly after March Break; election day is Tuesday, April 11. For students who want to stay active this spring, athletic tryouts will start on Monday, March 27 and end on Friday, April 7. Course selection for next year is coming to a close this week, so please make sure you have spoken to your daughter about her choices.

Many of our Boarding School students are performing in the musical Into the Woods starting on Wednesday, March 1 and running for three days. Some of our talented girls will then be seen acting in our One Act Plays and our visual artists will be displaying their works at The Salon, our community art exhibition. Many Boarders will also be preforming in the Dance Troupe and at the Boarder Talent Show, which happens at the end of Arts Week in mid-April.

It is always wonderful to see the girls’ creative sides. We hope that we will be able to share some of these great events with you through social media.


Inside Boarding

Chinese New Year Dinner
Chinese New Year Dinner: Year of the Rooster
Helen Zhang, Grade 11

One of the great things about Boarding is the diverse cultures that are brought by the Boarders into such a close-knit, intimate community. On the evening of Thursday, January 26, the Boarding community was fortunate to celebrate Chinese New Year with an amazing dinner filled with signature Chinese cuisines. Many dishes were put on the tableincluding Szechuan mapo tofu, Hong-Kong style BBQ pork and tomato fried eggs with scallion. The shrimp chip snacks and scallion pancakes were popular choices as well. Beside the delicious food that was offered during the dinner, the girls also had fun learning about the Chinese zodiac signs and creating traditional decorations.

The annual Chinese New Year dinner has always been a tradition in Havergal Boarding as it brings the community together to celebrate another auspicious and prosperous year while learning about and experiencing different traditions and flavours in the Chinese culture. Moreover, the dinner helps us appreciate the family and community aspect of Boarding; for Chinese Boarders, it is always comforting to know that Boarding is their home-away-from-home. Cheers to new beginnings and achievements in the Year of the Rooster! Happy Chinese New Year (新年快乐) and Gong Hey Fat Choy!


Happy Chinese New Year!
Boarder Hot Pot
Elaine Wang, Grade 12

On Monday, February 6, Boarders celebrated the Chinese New Year with a delicious hot pot dinner in Chinatown. Originating from Asia, hot pot consists of a metal pot of soup broth with raw ingredients that are cooked while the pot is kept simmering. During the dinner, many Boarders shared their family traditions of celebrating the Chinese New Year and told stories about their favorite dishes from home. Two of the exchange students from Hong Kong also joined us for this special event. They had a wonderful time bonding with Havergal Boarders by teaching us Cantonese. They especially enjoyed the tasty dumplings! Although we Boarders are not able to join our families for the new year celebration, we all enjoyed the authentic taste of the soup and the warmth from the hot pot on that chilly winter night.


Valentine's Dinner
Upcoming Events

February 14: Boarder Valentine Dinner
February 14: The Bodyguard musical
February 17-20: Boarding School closed for Family Day long weekend; girls participating on the New York City excursion will remain in Boarding
March 10: Boarding School closes for March Break at 6 pm
March 26: Boarding School reopens at 12 pm

Mia Xing
Poetry by Mia Xing
Boarding Vocab 101: Exchange Students

Exchange Students (n.) – Girls who participate in the exchange program and travel all the way to Canada. Warriors.
“There are three exchange students in Boarding this month, and there will be more to come after March Break.”

It starts with an extra bed added to your room. Then the bed is occupied, and names are matched to faces. And then laughter and stories start filling the room, rising and rising and flying into the sky.

Havergal Boarding prides itself on welcoming girls from different cities, countries and cultures. Different climates, cuisines and continents. That is what makes Boarding such a great community, and why it is a unique experienceyou’re not only living behind the ivy, but also beyond the ivy.

This month, Boarding welcomed exchange students from Hong Kong and Argentina. They brought stories from abroad and, in return, they received a taste of living away from home, studying in the RC and exploring the city with other Boarders.

In April, there will be more exchange students coming from Singapore and France.



Natalia Stewart, Head of Boarding

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