August 2018



Natalia Stewart
Message from the Head of Boarding
Natalia Stewart

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope that you are having a wonderful summer. We warmly welcome our new students, parents and guardians to Havergal College. Come September, you will step into a new, and hopefully lifelong, family. This year we have 17 Boarders joining us from a range of different countries and grades. We are so excited to continue to have such a broad diversity of students in the Boarding and Day Schools. For all of you who are starting your new journey in Boarding, we trust that Havergal will soon feel like your home away from home.

We wanted to send you this newsletter in the summer because we are sure that as September approaches, various thoughts are circling your minds regarding the upcoming school year. By reading this newsletter, some of the questions that you have will be answered. I would like to start by welcoming back our returning Boarding staff: Ms. Claire Davis, our Weekend Don, and Ms. Tze Vivas and Ms. Laura Fraser, our full-time Residential Dons. Adding to our team this year are the talents of our new Residential Don, Ms. Katie Warriner, who is a passionate English, Drama and French teacher who came to us from Upper Canada College (UCC) boys school. We would also like to extend a welcome to Ms. Sarah Williamson, who will be replacing Ms. Muralidhar as Senior Don, as Ms. Muralidhar has joined the teaching faculty at UCC. Ms. Williamson is also a certified teacher in both senior Drama and English. She has spent the last four years running the Drama department at Chadwick International School in Incheon, South Korea. As certified Ontario teachers, you will find Ms. Williamson and Ms. Warriner supply teaching at the Day School.

What makes Havergal Boarding such a special place is the direct involvement that our students have in building the community. We encourage the girls to take ownership of not only their education, but also their social and emotional development. We strive to make Boarding a place where the girls feel they can make a difference, contribute and hone their leadership skills whether in formal or informal leadership positions. Our Junior Don team, which includes 10 girls, is elected each spring by their peers and led by the Boarder Prefect and the Head Junior Don. These leadership positions come with a lot of work and are treated as any other type of job. The girls work incredibly hard instilling passion and drive in everything they do.

Our new Junior Don team will be led by Boarder Prefect Sheena McKeever and Head Junior Don Emma Gurney. These girls have already started working by planning the calendar and initiatives. I will let them introduce their team later in this newsletter. We are very excited to have these two outstanding and highly efficient girls leading the Boarding School Leadership Team this year. I know that they will make it incredible for the community. The Leadership Team will be arriving early for training on Wednesday, August 29. They will be in training from Thursday, August 30 to Saturday, September 1, with a day off on Sunday and help welcome all the arriving Boarding students, parents and guardians on Monday, September 3.

Opening Day is Monday, September 3 and all new students, along with their families, are excepted to arrive between 8 am and 12 pm. When you arrive, you will be given directions by our Boarder Prefect and a staff member. New Boarders will have their picture taken for their photo ID before heading upstairs to the Boarding School. Families will also be given slotted times to see one of our school nurses, their assigned Residential Don for the year, timetable and a time to visit the Green & Gold Shop if you have not already received your uniform. Returning girls will start arriving at 12 pm. Parents are expected to depart by 5 pm so that we can start to settle into our introductions.

The first week back at Havergal is always a busy one and this year will be no different. Below is a glance of our activities and times for our events in Boarding. In the first week, it is imperative that we get new students settled in and feeling comfortable. Staff and Junior Dons create schedules and agendas to best help with the transition. We know there are parents who will stay a few days to a week after the opening day to help with this transition, but we ask that you respect our schedule and work around seeing you daughter during her free time.

Tuesday, September 4 will be a half day for all returning students. New students will spend time in the afternoon getting their computers set up, finding their classrooms and attending information sessions. New students will be assigned a buddy for the week to make their transition smoother. Parents are welcome to come back starting at 3:30 pm for an IT session. This information session is mainly for new parents who may have questions about Veracross and accessing their daughter’s attendance, report cards and assignments. However, returning parents are certainly welcome to attend. From 4:30 to 5 pm there will be a welcome reception for all parents in Temerty Commons, followed by dinner at 5 pm in the dining hall.

Wednesday, September 5 will be a surprise outing for all Boarders, which is mandatory. We will be leaving just after dinner. For parents who would like to see their daughter, please feel free to come after school, but we will be leaving around 6 pm for our event.

Thursday, September 6
will be the start of the fall athletics tryouts. Students are highly encouraged to pick up a sport or two during the year, as it will add to the physical and emotional development during their time at Havergal.

On Friday, September 7, we will be hosting a dinner for the Boarding School boys of UCC. Creating new friendships with outside schools can really benefit the social development of the girls, so over the year we will team up with schools such as Branksome Hall, Bishop Strachan School, UCC and St. Andrew’s College for events and activities.

The weekend of September 7 and 8 is a mandatory stay-in for all Boarders. We have events planned so students can get to know each other and their community both in the Boarding School and the city of Toronto.

We will publish a calendar each month with the programs and activities for that month. This newsletter is circulated every two months (the next issue is in November) giving students and parents information of upcoming events, dates and announcements. A reminder that Monday, September 3 is a holiday in Canada, so many stores will be closed on that day. However, if you are looking for last minute things, our staff can give you a list of shops that are open. Many new parents tend to arrive prior to the first day of school, which is great for shopping for those items you may not want to bring with you, like duvets blankets, fans, humidifiers, floor mats and lamps. The beds in the student rooms are twin beds if you are buying sheets and blankets. Please refer to the Boarding School Handbook which will be linked in the Back to School email sent on Wednesday, August 22 for further information and what to bring.

Lastly, there are two things about the September Day School calendar that I would like parents to note: on Friday, September 14 there is a Grad Mother Daughter Luncheon. For those Grad parents who are unable to make it but would like to send a representative in your place, such as your daughter’s guardian or if a sister or aunt is in town, please do so. You will all be sent an invitation, just note who will be sitting in place of you. Thursday, September 20 is our first People & Program Evening, where parents are welcome to come and chat with their daughter’s teachers. Please be aware for those parents who are new, teachers of Boarders can meet with you via Skype. Dr. Simmonds, Vice Principal School Life & Student Wellness, will send out an email with a link inviting you to set up times with the teachers.

On behalf of the staff and students in the Boarding School, we look forward to seeing all the new faces on Monday, September 3.


Ms. Stewart
Head of Boarding


Inside Boarding

Sheena McKeever
Message from the Boarder Prefect
Sheena McKeever

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! After a relaxing couple of months off of school, I hope that both our new and returning girls are excited for the promising year ahead. My name is Sheena McKeever and I am honoured to be this year’s Boarder Prefect. I have been a part of the Boarding family for three years now, since I first arrived as a quiet and reserved Grade 9 student. After these three years, I can definitely call Havergal my second home and a place where I am truly flourishing. Every day in Boarding I am reminded of the supportive relationships around me including Ms. Stewart, the Don staff and peers who light up my day and make Havergal a place that I look forward to return to.

While enjoying the summer, the outstanding Junior Don Team and I have been excitedly brainstorming and scheduling activities and events that will be special to our Boarding community this year. Their enthusiasm has already been evident in their planning of events such as cozy movie nights and special dinners that highlight cuisines from across the globe. My job in Boarding is to not only create an even more cohesive connection with the Day School, but to also strengthen our bonds within Boarding. Boarding is a small and unique community that for most girls upon arrival is a foreign concept. It is a place to grow academically, socially and independently. I plan to ensure that each girl experiences Boarding for its true nature of support, kindness and opportunity. No new environment is simple to ease into, but my job is to ensure that each new and returning girl feels at home in our community. New perspectives and unfamiliar surroundings that may seem intimidating at first are merely an opportunity for growth and learning that hold the potential to create memories that last a lifetime.

With all of that said, I cannot wait to meet you all in September. Let’s make the most of the year ahead!


Emma Gurney
Message from the Head Junior Don
Emma Gurney

Hello, everyone! My name is Emma Gurney and I am so excited to be your Head Junior Don this year. I will be responsible for overseeing the Grade Reps, helping the Admission team and working closely with Sheena to make sure Boarding is running as smoothly as possible. I am Boarding from Wisconsin, a northern state in America, and have called Havergal home since my Grade 11 year. In the Day School, I am involved in a number of clubs and activities一my favourites being DECA and community partnerships一but Boarding is by far the most special part of my Havergal experience. There is something so unique and indescribable about being a part of such a small, close-knit community and I’m excited for our new girls to become a part of it. Sheena and I have lots of fun things planned for 2018-19 and we can’t wait to welcome everyone on move-in day!


Keying Sun
Message from the Boarding Newsletter Editor
Keying Sun

Greetings, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. I am Keying Sun and I am delighted to be your Newsletter Junior Don for the 2018-19 school year. When home is as far away as Gaborone, Botswana, Boarding truly became my best support system. I am so grateful for all the girls who have become my closest friends and Dons I could fall back on whenever I needed encouragement and support. I hope that all the new and returning girls can feel the same way about this community. My ‘official’ role is to edit the Boarding Newsletter, giving insight to parents, staff and girls into the events and life in Boarding, but part of my job is to also be someone who girls can approach to talk about almost anything! With that said, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and to help with moving in.


Marian Wood House
House System
A Havergal Tradition

The Junior and Upper Schools at Havergal are divided into 10 houses, each with a mascot and named after a remarkable woman who has contributed to Havergal in extraordinary ways.

Every morning, except Wednesdays, attendance will be taken in Houses. Girls are expected to go to a specific classroom in the morning at 8:20 am. Below is where each Boarder will be expected to be in the morning, according to the House she is in:

Frances Ridley 🐧
House Mascot: Penguin
House Colours: Black & White
House Room: B50

Ellen Knox 🐸
House Mascot: Frog
House Colours: Green & White
House Room: B23

Marian Wood 🐝
House Mascot: Bumble Bee
House Colours: Black & Yellow
House Room: B60 & Health Room

Kate Leonard
House Mascot: Elephant
House Colours: Light Blue & White
House Room: B59

Margaret Taylor 🦋
House Mascot: Butterfly
House Colours: Dark Blue & Orange
House Room: B18

Edith Nainby 🦁
House Mascot: Lion
House Colours: Red & White
House Room: B16

Agnes Hansen
House Mascot: Panther
House Colours: Pink & White
House Room: Hawkins Dining Room

Catherine Steele 🦄
House Mascot: Unicorn
House Colours: Purple & Grey
House Room: B33 and B35

Mary Dennys 🐉
House Mascot: Dragon
House Colours: Gold & Teal
House Room: C13

Marcelle De Freitas 🐬
House Mascot: Dolphin
House Colours: Silver & Royal Blue
House Room: Resource Centre


Boarder Amazing Race
Boarding Families
Strengthening our Community

There is no fun if there are no games and competitions in Boarding! The Boarding community is divided into four families, serving as teams in which girls participate and compete against each other in contests like our annual Amazing Race, intramurals or even dinner-time games of Kahoot. In addition, each family typically has meetings every Monday to get to know everybody in the family and play games. Throughout the year, girls will have outings—movie night, dinners and other arrangements—in these family groupings.

Each family is run by a Residential Don and is represented by a specific colour. We highly recommend bringing clothing items (t-shirts, pants, tights, accessories) in your family’s assigned colour. This year’s families and their associated Don and colour are as follows:

Warrnier Family
Don: Ms. Warrnier
Colour: Blue
Members: Keying Sun, Juliana Zhang, Elli Ho, Emerald Ngo, Jazz Heath, Serina Woo, Andrey Chau, Lily Wang, Ose Elimimian, Selina Liu, Kayla Wang

Fraser Family
Don: Ms. Fraser
Colour: Red
Members: Rita Yang, Abi Zewdu, Tomisin Fadeyi, Annie Chen, Valentina Villasenor, Samantha Ji, Vicky Lyn, Kaylee Yang, Isabel Yang, Andrea Chiu, Jala Malcolm, Karinya Linford

Williamson Family
Don: Ms. Williamson
Colour: Yellow
Members: Dorothy Poon, Catherine Feng, Nicole Tao, Alexandra Vorobyeva, Fidan Sadig, Sae Furukawa, Carlotta Greiner, Alex Couch, Angelina Zhai, Andrea Cui, Lexie Hu, Grace Shen

Vivas Family
Don: Ms. Vivas
Colour: Purple
Members: Emily Vella, Tolu Ogunfowora, Ana Del Mazo Bellato, Jiatong Han, Praise Elimimian, Cindy Zhu, Angeline Pang, Cass McGarry, Lulu Guy, Brianna Kerr, Mia Xing, Tina Tian


Boarding Students
The Boarding Buddy System
Welcoming New Boarders

Sometimes, the changes that come with living away from home can be rough. At Havergal, we wish for all the new girls to settle down quickly into their new environment. We hope our community will become their home away from home, where students feel welcomed and comfortable enough to open up and support one another. This year, we will continue our buddy system. Each new girl is paired with a returning girl to do fun activities like ice-cream outings, shopping and other events.

Please feel free to ask for help or bring up any queries and concerns regarding what to pack, courses and life at Havergal. We hope the buddies will reach out to each other soon and will stay in touch over summer!

The buddy pairings are as follows, along with the grade each girl is entering into for the academic year 2018-19:

Ana Del Mazo Bellato (Grade 9) with Brianna Kerr (Grade 11)
Praise Elimimian (Grade 10) with Karinya Linford (Grade 12)
Tomisin Fadeyi (Grade 9) with Sae Furukawa (Grade 10)
Carlotta Greiner (Grade 11) with Olivia Guy (Grade 11)
Jiatong Han (Grade 9) with Selina Liu (Grade 12)
Jazz Heath (Grade 10) with Andrea Chiu (Grade 11)
Ellie Ho (Grade 9) with Serina Woo (Grade 10)
Samantha Ji (Grade 10) with Cindy Zhu (Grade 10)
Alaya Le (Grade 9) with Isabel Yang (Grade 11)
Vicky Lyn (Grade 10) with Annie Chen (Grade 10)
Cass McGarry (Grade 11) with Alex Couch (Grade 11)
Fidan Sadig (Grade 10) with Valentina Villasenor (Grade 10)
Nicole Tao (Grade 9) with Mia Xing (Grade 12)
Alexandra Vorobyeva (Grade 9) with Jala Malcolm (Grade 12)
Lily Wang (Grade 11) with Andrey Chau (Grade 11)
Kaylee Yang (Grade 11) with Angeline Pang (Grade 11)


Packing a Suitcase
The Ultimate Packing List
Get Ready to Go Back to Boarding

Even though we are positive most families already have an elaborate packing list, here are some reminders:

  • Bedding: twin duvet covers, bed sheets & pillows;
  • Towels & flip flops for the shower;
  • A large tube of toothpaste & toothbrushes;
  • Large packs of your preferred sanitary items, for example: tampons, pads, diva cups, etc.;
  • Clothes hangers;
  • Bathing suit & cap;
  • Cutlery, plates & preferably two mugs—remember, Boarders need to wash these themselves;
  • Medication labelled with names & dosage instructions;
  • Adapters & 1 m. extension cords;
  • Laptop & electronic accessories—chargers, power bank, earbuds;
  • Reusable water bottle; and a
  • Rain jacket.

Throughout the school year, there will be many formal and casual activities girls are required to attend and dress appropriately for. Here’s a list of items girls should have ready in addition to casual civilian clothing:

  • Articles of clothing in family colours;
  • House shirts & clothes in House colours: these can be purchased at Havergal’s uniform store, the Green & Gold Shop; and
  • Two formal dresses: for formal cultural dinners, dances with other schools, musical theatre nights, etc.

Here are some suggestions of things to bring in for girls to customize their rooms:

  • Small to medium sized storage bins to keep shelves organized;
  • Reading lamp;
  • Small rugs or carpets;
  • Fairy lights; and
  • Sticky tack & posters to hang on the walls.

There are a couple of things girls are recommended to bring in to help them better cope with the Canadian weather:

  • Fans;
  • An umbrella;
  • A humidifier: rooms might become dry due to the heaters in winter;
  • Winter jacket & boots: these will come in handy especially after November;
  • Ear muffs, gloves, beanies; and
  • Warm socks & slippers.

And finally, a general packing tip from Emma, our Head Junior Don:

  • Don’t bring all of your clothes at once! There probably isn’t enough storage in your room for both you and your roommate to have this much clothing and keep it organized. When you come, bring a few summer clothes and your fall and winter clothes (September will cool down rather quickly) and bring the rest of your summer clothes after March break.

Canada's Wonderland
Upcoming Events

September 3: Boarder Move-In Day
September 4: Welcome Dinner & Parent Reception
September 5: Blue Jays Game
September 7: Havergal & UCC Boarder Dance
September 9: Annual Amazing Race
September 14: Grade 12 Mother Daughter Luncheon
September 15: Canada’s Wonderland Outing
September 29: Celebration Saturday
October 4: Thanksgiving Dinner
October 6: Niagara Falls Trip
October 8: Thanksgiving Monday – School Closed
October 15: Open Discussion: Sexuality & Cupcakes
October 17: Ain’t Too Proud Musical (Tentative)
October 27: Boarding Haunted House
October 31: Halloween Party
November 7: Take Your Daughter to Work Day
November 8-12: November Break – School Closed, Boarder move-out by 6 pm


Juliana Zhang

Showcase: Message & Work from our Arts Junior Don
Juliana Zhang

As the Arts Junior Don, I will be responsible for enhancing the Havergal Boarder experience by introducing and maintaining the Boarders’ access to the arts. My goal is for every Boarder to be aware of the artistic and creative areas of Toronto, the school and most importantly, themselves. I personally think that as integral as the academic side of Havergal is, art should also play a heavier role in the lives of students. To achieve this, Boarders will have access to outings specifically themed around the arts. I look forward to meeting all the talented artists in Boarding this year!


Bird Drawing

Featured art: Study of bird done during Pre-College Program