Art City logoWhen Havergal began our community partnership with Art City five years ago, we never imagined the need to manage it virtually. While COVID-19 has challenged us to rethink our approach, the partnership between Art City and Havergal is thriving. Art City community partnership student leaders have mentored volunteer students to design and produce a series of art-making videos for the children in Art City. In tandem with Art City’s transition to virtual that ensures children remain supported and connected to the organization, the Havergal student leaders made instructional videos focused on making masks, origami, decorative lanterns and more. These thoughtful, engaging and entertaining videos have been an opportunity for us to connect with our partners in a meaningful way.

Although there is no doubt that the Art City students miss their Havergal friends, Heather Wilson, Executive Director of Art City, says, “having additional access to arts and crafts videos— and friendly faces teaching them—helps our students extend the joy they get from our classes and fills gaps in their day so they feel less bored and alone!” She describes Havergal as one of their partners who they can rely on to get creative and bring joy to the families they support. “When everything changed this year, Havergal did not hesitate to get creative and find new ways to help Art City deliver joyful learning opportunities,” she continues. “Our Art City youth always look forward to learning from the Havergal students and our staff appreciate their creative energy and support.”

Havergal’s Manager of Learning Experiences Anastasia Wowk explains that this experience serves as a reminder to everyone that commitment, imagination and partnerships can grow in even the most challenging circumstances. She says: “I am incredibly proud of the team for adapting to the needs of our Community Partnership. Thank you for your leadership and creative initiative!”