Grades 3 & 4

Birth Year: Grade 3: 2011; Grade 4: 2010
2019 Intake: Grade 3: 4 to 6 students; Grade 4: 8 to 10 students


Step 1: Complete the Online Application

Application Fee

Prior to November 2, 2018 – $200 CAD
After November 2, 2018 – $250 CAD


Application Deadline

Please note, due to the large volume of applications we have received, we will not be accepting any applications for day school entry in September 2019 after the deadline on November 30, 2018.

Once you begin an online application, you will receive a unique username and password. The login information will be important to have through the process. When applying online, please make sure you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser.

For the online admission application process, families will need to complete the following:

  • Family Information Section
  • Student Questionnaire
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Upload final June 2016-17 school report
  • Upload final June 2017-18 school report
  • Submit all report cards received for current 2018-19 school year
  • Upload applicant’s birth certificate
  • Upload current photo (passport or school style photo)
  • Submit the Confidential School Report to the applicant’s teacher or Principal
  • For all applicants whose first language is not English, TOEFL Primary test scores must be submitted with your application (see Step 2: Assessment below)
  • Pay the application fee


Helpful Hints

  • To avoid timeout errors when completing the application, we recommend that you save your responses in a Word document and cut-and-paste them into the online form.
  • When uploading forms, please ensure they are PDF copies.


Already started your application or are a current Havergal family? Log in to the Admission Portal below to complete your application.


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Step 2: Assessment

Grade 3 and 4 applicants are invited to an assessment that consists of a written assessment which evaluates their literacy and numeracy skills. There is also a collaborative activity component, which is designed to allow the girls’ critical thinking skills and character development to be highlighted. The girls are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes which will allow them to move freely as they work with their Havergal team on a group project.

The Grade 3 Assessment will be held on January 17, 2019.
The Grade 4 Assessment will be held on December 19, 2018.

Please note: For students applying to Grade 4, if English is not the applicant’s first language, they must write the TOEFL Junior test (the Standard Test in paper-delivered format). Scores must be submitted with their application. Interviews and assessments will be granted to students who score sufficiently on this English proficiency test. TOEFL Junior can be taken at any TOEFL test centre. Because of age restrictions, applicants who are under 11 years of age cannot sign up for the TOEFL Junior assessment online. Please feel free to connect with a test centre that is convenient for you. Havergal has worked with Edubridge Education Services in the past. Their website is www.edubca.com. Please note that Havergal does not endorse any specific test centre and does not recommend or endorse any agents.


Step 3: Tour & Interview

Once we receive your completed application, all applicants are contacted to schedule a personal tour and interview. The interview is designed to allow us to get to know you and your daughter as well as provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about the Havergal difference. Applicants who are overseas will be invited to participate in a Skype interview. Tours in the Junior School are led by a current Havergal parent or a student ambassador.


Step 4: Admission Decision

All admission decisions will be emailed to families on February 22, 2019.


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