Senior School Students


The Senior School program meets and exceeds the expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education. All courses are college-preparatory and are at the advanced level.

In the Senior School classroom, emphasis is placed on synthesizing and evaluating information to gain a deeper understanding of each subject area. Students construct meaning and understanding as they consider conflicting interpretations, arrive at their own informed opinions and actively participate in cross-discipline learning. Our teachers are specialists in their area and they find innovative ways to engage students in rigorous academics through collaboration, networking, research, inquiry and dialogue.

The Senior School curriculum includes courses in: Business Studies, English, Guidance & Career Education, Health & Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Languages (French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish), Mathematics, Performing Arts (Drama, Band, Strings and Vocal Music), Science, Social Sciences, Technological Education and Visual Arts. For a curriculum overview, program descriptions and course information, please see the Academic Course Calendar. In addition to classes taught at Havergal, students may enroll in online courses through eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC).

Bring Your Own Device: Havergal has fully adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or BYO Laptop/Tablet approach to the use of computer technology for Grades 7 to 12. The research and students tell us that bringing a personal device to class is better for the learner and a more effective and efficient way of making use of technology.


Learning Support for Success

Havergal College provides a web of support for all learners. The school has developed a tiered approach to learning support. We recognize that all students have a unique learning style. By differentiating instruction and understanding different learning needs, teachers create nurturing and welcoming learning spaces for students to be successful. Regular grade specific progress meetings ensure all students are monitored throughout the year.

Some students require additional support to develop specific strategies and approaches tailored to their learning needs. This support is provided by Learning Support Specialists who work with the student and her teachers to facilitate her success.

A few students have identified learning needs requiring instructional and/or assessment accommodations. The Learning Support Specialists help make this possible. Working collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and at times, outside service providers, an individual education profile is created that guides the support for the student.

The Guidance Department provides services and information to assist students and their parents in educational, vocational and personal decision-making. The aim of the Guidance program is to help students acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to know and appreciate themselves, relate effectively to others, develop appropriate educational plans and explore career alternatives. The school has a comprehensive four-year school guidance and career education curriculum, with university counselling as an integral component of the program.