The Havergal education prepares students for a lifetime of learning, leadership and limitless possibilities. With a liberal arts curriculum that is expansive in scope and subject, students are both formally honoured for their academics and athletics achievements and accomplishments in special awards ceremonies throughout the year. Students are also honoured for co-curricular achievements and accomplishments in Prayers, assemblies, in classes/Houses/Forms/TAs and during performances.

Junior School Grade 6 Prizes & Awards: As a part of the annual Grade 6 Awards Ceremony in June, the Junior School presents the five awards to honour a Grade 6 student for her academic, character, athletic and artistic contributions.

Upper School Athletics Awards: Havergal recognizes the dedication and contribution of student-athletes and coaches through athletic assemblies (fall, winter and spring) to acknowledge teams’ accomplishments over the season and to announce the most valuable teammate and most improved player awards. Special annual awards are also presented to students, including Athletes of the Year, for sportsmanship and overall contribution.

Upper School Academic, Character & Leadership Awards: Each fall, Upper School students are honoured for their achievements in the previous school year. The ceremony includes the presentation of 46 awards and prizes, including Prize for Highest General Proficiency, Academic Awards, Senior Year Academic Prizes, Scholarships, Special Awards, along with Honour Roll and Award of Distinction.

Student Innovation Award: Awarded annually, the purpose of the Student Innovation Award is to honour student(s) whose innovative thinking has had an impact on a problem, and on the people around them.

Senior Year Graduation Awards: Each year, at the Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony in June, more than 20 prizes and honours are awarded to students for character and leadership, along with 30 academic prizes. The school’s top three academic and character awards are also announced at the ceremony.