Havergal Grade 3 Students Interpret the Art of David Hockney
Posted 01/16/2012 10:14AM

Havergal’s Grade 3 students have been learning about plants as part of their science curriculunm. They have been examining distinct characteristics including the similarities and differences between various plants. Throughout this process the students’ science curriculum is complimented with our art curriculum. Students have the opportunity to further study plants by observing the intricacies and beauty of flowers, through both a scientific and artistic lens.

On a recent field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Grade 3s had the opportunity to visit the "David Hockney's Fresh Flowers: Drawings on iPhones and iPads" exhibition. David Hockney’s works are displayed on Apple devices, and some are also projected onto walls.

The students were asked to carefully observe how colour, line, and texture was used to create the works. They were asked to think about the use of technology as a medium, and to observe how the art was created – layers upon layers of colour and lines.

After careful observation and by noting specific details in Hockney’s drawings, students then followed up with their own interpretations of his drawings in sketches. Back at school, the students had the opportunity to use technology to try to recreate a David Hockney piece. Additionally they used chalk pastels to apply the technique of layering and blending colours, and to observe the difference between non-traditional and traditional media.

The result – some amazing artwork and interpretations!