Grade 9 Art Display: The Garment as Metaphor
Posted 01/11/2012 02:53PM

The Temerty Commons has become a gallery for the conceptual work of our Grade 9 Art Classes.

Current on display is a garment art project called The Garment as Metaphor, based on social themes explored by students.

The project began with a visit by Toronto artist, Frances Key, who came into the classes and shared her work with us. Sharing her conceptual art garments, Key spoke with the students about growing up, and reflecting on people and events in your life that have had a profound impact. She showed the students how fashion has changed over the centuries and how an artist can use garments to make a statement about different times, issues and cultures.

Her visit inspired our students! After hearing Key speak and seeing her work each student had a concept she wanted to explore.

In the exploration of their concepts, students hunted through second hand shops, basements and bottom drawers to find just the right materials. The art studio came alive with creative brainstorming and wielding of materials. Fabrics and accessories were everywhere. Chicken wire was molded into torsos. Plaster gauze was sculpted into hands and corsets. Used clothing was transformed into conceptual art garments.

Throughout the Temerty Commons and adjoining hallways, students have arranged sculptural assemblages that reference among other issues: eating disorders, the changing status of women, animal rights, assimilation, inner beauty, and our fast paced life.

Congratulations to our Grade 9s on their outstanding provocative pieces.